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Eddie Van Halen Plays "Panama" on 'Late Night with David Letterman' in 1985 — Video

It's time for a Friday flashback! Below, check out a clip of Eddie Van Halen sitting in with the band on Late Night with David Letterman in 1985. Eddie joins Paul Shaffer (keyboards), Sid McGinnis (guitar), Neil Jason (bass) and Steve Jordan (drums) for an instrumental version of Van Halen's "Panama," guitar solo and all.

Does the Guitar You Use Even Matter Anymore? One Guitar, 45 Tones — Video

In this new video, guitarist Jared Dines asks the musical questions: "Does the guitar you use even matter anymore? Has technology made the old-school ways of getting tone obsolete?"

Sick Guitar Tricks: How to Create Warbles, Whinnys and Other Cool Effects

Every instrument has its quirks, and the guitar is no exception. In the hands of a skilled player, it can produce sounds that aren’t possible on any other music-making device—sounds that catch the listener’s ear and at the same time leave aspiring guitarists dumbfounded. Have you ever heard some ungodly whoop or cry emerging from another guitarist’s ax and wondered how the heck to do it? If so, then this lesson is for you.

Joe Bonamassa Shows How to Play “Sloe Gin” in His New Online Video Lessons Series

Joe Bonamassa has launched a new video lesson series in which he shows you how to play his songs, then lets you jam along with backing tracks for each tune.

Soloing Strategies: The Most Electrifying Riffs of Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page

Truly a guitar god, Jimmy Page is one of the most captivating soloists. Let's check out some of his most electrifying riffs.

Meet the ChroniCaster Bong Guitar! — Video

Multitasking helps make the world go 'round. But it's hard to imagine that anyone before Mike Edison had the thought of installing a pot-smoking device on to their guitar.

Metallica's Official Lollapalooza Footage, Including "For Whom the Bell Tolls" — Video

The guys over at MetallicaTV have posted official footage from Metallica's August 1 performance at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago, Illinois.

Singular Sound Announces BeatBuddy Mini Pedal

Singular Sound has announced the BeatBuddy Mini, a new, smaller version of the company's popular BeatBuddy drum machine.

D'Addario Launches Players Circle Rewards Program

D'Addario has launched Players Circle, a new customer-rewards program. The program is the digital evolution of a concept that Jim D'Addario, CEO of D'Addario & Company, first conceived in the Nineties.