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Modtone Speedbox Distortion XL, Dyno Drive, Atomic Phaser, Vintage Analog Delay and Aqua Chorus pedals

Modtone has redefined what guitarists can expect in inexpensive effect pedals while it has established a new plateau in effect performance.


Sierra Sunrise Series SA28CEWR Acoustic-Electric Guitar

If you're a beginner or a player on a budget, Sierra’s Sunrise SA28CEWR is a solid choice.


ESP LTD Standard PB-500 Guitar

ESP's LTD Standard PB-500 is the definition of a modern classic guitar.


Blackstar Amplification Artisan 100 half stack

Blackstar's 100-watt Artisan 100 merges American and British ideals into a dream amp for the vintage purist.


Vox Satchurator Joe Satriani Signature Distortion Pedal

Joe Satriani and Vox have managed to stuff his complex tone into a stomp box.


Peavey JR Special USA Josh Rand Signature Guitar

This guitar is no one-trick pony.


Eternity Master Custom Legend ET electric guitar

Eternity's Master Custom Legend ET is for the player who wants a Telestyle guitar that has the punch of a solid body and the subtle echoing resonance of a chambered design.


Egnater Tourmaster 4100 head and 4x12 Cabinet

Bruce Egnater’s all-tube Tourmaster 4100 is a welcome addition to the growing population of do-it all superamps


Fender American Standard Series Stratocaster and Telecaster

These magnificent instruments help solidify the fact that Fender is presently building some of the finest instruments in the company’s history.


Epiphone Custom Shop Slash Signature Les Paul Standard Plus Top

Epiphone's Custom Shop Slash Signature Les Paul Standard Plus Top lives up to the hype, delivering the Slash sound at a price that average players can afford. There are no frills here, just the Slash essentials.