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PRS Korina McCarty and CE Alder electric guitars

For sugary and luscious tones, the Korina McCarty is among the elite electric guitars, while the CE Alder is poised to satisfy a whole new generation of PRS enthusiasts who prefer the extra bite of a bolt-on neck and the recognizably spacious highs of an alder-bodied instrument.


Malden Bad Karma electric guitar

FEW GUITARS AT THIS PRICE can compete with the Bad Karma's tones or attention to detail. If you play any style of rock, put the Malden Bad Karma near the top of your list.


Ibanez Nine Series Reissue pedals

LIKE A CLASSIC tube amp, the Ibanez Nine Series pedals were practically perfect at their inception. These reissues are faithful in appearance and operation to the original candy-colored masterpieces.

Seymour Duncan AHB-1 Blackout active pickups

Seymour Duncan’s Blackouts have an exciting and natural sound, qualities I would have never expected to find in active pickups.

Keeley Electronics Katana Clean Boost pedal

Tested through a host of amps, the Katana was supremely transparent, offering everything from mild lift to radical boost while it maintained the precise nuances of my attack.

Landmine Distortion Pedal

If you're looking for a boutique overdrive that can introduce wicked tone in your arsenal, by all means, step on the Landmine and prepare to be destroyed.

Orange Thunderverb 200 head and PPC 412 HP8 cabinet

With punchy, distortion-free tones down to 30Hz, the Thunderverb is ideal for down-tuning shred-a-holics.


Paul Reed Smith 513 Rosewood electric guitar

Tonal versatility in a glorious, but expensive, classically designed guitar.


Fender Princeton Recording-Amp combo

Like a tastefully updated vintage Porsche, the Princeton Recording-Amp marries what's great about the old days with the utility of the modern age.

Rivera Knucklehead Tré head

The high-gain Tré treats players to dazzling clean tones, pragmatic tone-shaping circuitry and scintillating touch sensitivity.