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Jackson Pro Series "Dominion" Mark Morton Signature Guitar

A short-scale guitar with distinctive classic looks and modern features.

Floyd Rose Discovery Series DSOT-3

Handcrafted quality at a production-model price.

Stellartone Tonestyler Tone Pot

A passive 16-position electric guitar tone pot that replaces stock tone controls.

B.C. Rich Exotic Classic Series 10-String Bich & Mockingbird Electric Guitars

These two established B.C. Rich designs are recreated as modern works of art whose striking looks are matched only by their powerful sounds.

Korg ToneWorks AX3000G Modeling Signal Processor

The new Korg AX3000G allows players to instantly enjoy great amp tones and sophisticated effect combinations.

Paul Reed Smith SE Custom and SE Singlecut Electric Guitars

PRS welcomes two gorgeous new additions to its SE family.

Hughes & Kettner Trilogy Half Stack

The Razor's Edge

Fernandes Ravelle Limited Baritone Electric Guitar

Guitar players employ various methods to coax darker tones from their instruments...

Kustom Amps '36 Coupe and '72 Coupe Combos

Kustom amps epitomize two of rock and roll's most conspicuous symbols: blaring guitars and rumbling hot rods.