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Todd Rundgren on Owning Eric Clapton's 'The Fool' SG, Working with Ringo Starr and Almost Producing The Who

He’s a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer who’s had his own hits and worked with such artists as Cheap Trick, Sean Cassidy and Meat Loaf, but what Guitar World readers really want to know is…

The 25 Greatest Acoustic Songs In Hard Rock

Guitar World presents a guide to the 25 greatest acoustic songs in hard rock, featuring the lightest tunes from music's heaviest hitters.

Interview: Rush Guitarist Alex Lifeson on 'Clockwork Angels'

Since they became a hot live ticket in the late Seventies, Rush have had little trouble filling the arenas and EnormoDomes of the world. But in the past few years, Alex Lifeson has noticed a change in their audience, and it’s not a subtle one. “We’re reaching a lot more young kids and teens,” he says. “You look out and see all these new faces, kids with their parents. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to see your music going from generation to generation.”

Excerpt: Rush Guitarist Alex Lifeson Discusses 'Clockwork Angels'

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson discusses the band's new concept record, Clockwork Angels.

My Chemical Romance Guitarist Frank Iero and Epiphone Team Up for Wilshire Phant-O-Matic Guitar

“The best music happens when you have a personal connection to it,” My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero says. “That same philosophy can extend to the instrument you hold in your hands: if a guitar means something special, you’re bound to do great things with it.”

Andy Timmons Band Remakes 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' as an All-Instrumental Celebration

"Each Beatles album is great in its own unique way, but there's something about 'Sgt. Pepper's' that makes it stand alone," says guitarist Andy Timmons. "To call it a masterpiece is kind of a given. Of course it's a work of art, but what's amazing is the vivid feelings it evokes. Every time I hear it, I'm transported to being a kid again."

Slash and Izzy Stradlin Discuss Life in Guns N' Roses in 1989 Guitar World Interview

It's another perfect wreck of a Sunday afternoon in downtown Los Angeles. While thousands of dazed denizens attempt to piece together fragments of the previous night's misadventures for either themselves or some like-minded compatriots, the very object of many of their fantasies is polishing off his morning cocktail.

Joe Satriani Discusses — Track by Track — His New Album, 'Flying in a Blue Dream,' in 1989 Guitar World Interview

These are the sounds of a man granted a private preview of a masterpiece-in-progress by a giant of rock guitar. Open-mouthed enthusiasm hardly becomes a Jaded Journalist, but what can you do when you're blown away? I'm sitting In Joe Satriani's cozy suite in L.A.’s Le Parc Hotel. The guitarist opens a door leading to the terrace and considers unpacking his clothes. We agree to first hear “a few” of his new tunes, and discuss rock star finery later (particularly our mutual fondness for Big John black jeans).

U2's The Edge Discusses Gear and 'The Joshua Tree' in 1987 Guitar World Interview

The accomplishments of U2 and The Edge during the past seven years could be the basis for a success scenario that any band of young hopefuls could follow. Yet they are not content to simply issue Top Ten records every other year and fill concert arenas. That's too easy a goal for a group of musicians that has challenged every cliche in the rock 'n' roll book and managed to take with them a still-growing retinue of followers.

Dear Guitar Hero: Mick Mars

He’s survived prescription drug addiction, inflammatory arthritis and 30 years with Mötley Crüe. But what Guitar World readers really want to know is …