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Review: Bogner Burnley, Harlow and Wessex Effect Pedals — Videos

Reinhold Bogner, a modern-day legend who has made his own significant contributions to guitar tone, recently joined forces with Rupert Neve to produce a trio of pedals—the Burnley, Harlow and Wessex—that take an entirely different approach to overdrive and distortion.

Review: Vox Custom Series AC10C1 Guitar Amp — Video

Vox has revived the classic all-tube AC10 with the Custom Series AC10C1, which brilliantly reproduces Vox’s legendary Top Boost sound in a lower-wattage amp with the addition of an onboard studio quality reverb for even more versatility.

Review: Minarik Guitars Studio X-Treme Series Furii — Video

Minarik is probably best known for their highly original guitar models like the Inferno, Lotus and Orchid. Though their custom models start at several thousand dollars, in recent years Minarik introduced the Studio X-Treme series models, which are stripped down to provide similar tone and performance for much more affordable prices.

Review: John Page Classic Ashburn Guitar — Video

Earlier this year, guitar builder John Page started John Page Classic with HRS Unlimited. The Ashburn is the first John Page Classic model, which the company describes as the industry’s first “custom production” guitar.

Review: EVH Gear Wolfgang WG Standard Guitar — Video

The EVH Wolfgang USA guitar designed and played by Eddie Van Halen is one hell of a fine instrument, but not everyone can afford its $4,000-plus sticker price. Fortunately, EVH recently introduced its most affordable version of the Wolfgang guitar yet—the EVH Wolfgang WG Standard.

Review: EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath Reverb Pedal — Video

The EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath is a novel stomp box that combines bottomless pits of reverb with self-oscillating warp-driven delays, which in turn, create spatial soundscapes unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

Review: Musicvox Space Cadet Custom Floyd Rose Guitar — Video

While the Floyd Rose tremolo has been around long enough to be considered vintage or even antique, the addition of a Floyd Rose brings the Musicvox Space Cadet Custom into the modern era and opens up a whole new world to players who have always wanted to try a Musicvox guitar but can’t live without their whammy.

Review: Orange Rockverb 100 MKIII Guitar Amp — Video

The latest and greatest of the changes Orange has made to the Rockverb are reflected in the new Orange Rockerverb 100 MKIII 100-watt head, which provides impressive tonal refinements and new features certain to satisfy the most demanding players.

Review: Gretsch G6128T-1962 Duo Jet — Video

Gretsch has built a solid reputation with its impressive line of popular archtop hollowbody guitars, like the Country Gentleman and the White Falcon. But what’s often overlooked is the company’s superb line of solidbody guitars, such as the Duo Jet.

Review: ESP USA Eclipse Guitar — Video

While I own, play and love more than my fair share of imported guitars, I still prefer electric models made in the good ol’ U. S. of A.

After all, Americans invented the electric guitar, and we design and build them like no one else. So it deeply warmed my heart earlier this year when ESP announced its USA Series Eclipse, Horizon and M-III models, which are the company’s first guitars made at its brand-new factory in North Hollywood, California.

We took a look at ESP’s classic-inspired single-cutaway Eclipse model.