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Review: TC Electronic BodyRez Acoustic Pickup Enhancer Pedal — Video

Using any combination of aftermarket undersaddle and soundhole pickups, or just onboard electronics, will play an important role in amplifying your acoustic guitar. But once your acoustic instrument is plugged into a PA or acoustic amplifier, what gets lost in translation are the overall low-end, upper-end harmonics and warmth from your acoustic.

Review: Boss RV-6 Reverb Pedal — Video

Since 1978, Boss has been one of the most widely recognized and respected stomp box manufacturers in the industry. In fact, some of the company’s most popular pedals, like the DS-1 Distortion, still sound remarkably fresh and perform flawlessly, more than 30 years after their introduction. So when Boss releases a new pedal, you can count on it being groundbreaking for its particular effect.

Review: Cort MBC-1 Matthew Bellamy Signature Guitar — Video

The price of a custom Manson similar to any of the various models Bellamy has designed and plays starts at around $4,500, but recently Bellamy and Manson Guitar Works collaborated with Cort Guitars to offer a Matthew Bellamy signature model with many features found on Bellamy’s personal instruments while selling for a much more affordable price.

Review: Carvin Amplifiers AG200 Acoustic Guitar Amp — Video

The acoustic guitar amplifier is an unusual beast. The most ideal designs generally combine the powerful, clean performance of a professional sound system with the tone shaping capabilities, effects, and portability that guitarists demand.

Review: PRS Guitars S2 Vela — Video

PRS developed its S2 series to offer guitarists more affordable versions of its Core series instruments that were still completely made in the USA. However, the PRS S2 series was also developed to stand on its own merits, which is evident with the introduction of entirely new models and designs like the PRS S2 Vela.

Review: Peavey Classic 20 MH Guitar Amp — Video

The attributes that have made Peavey Classic series amps like the Classic 50 410, Classic 50 212, and Classic 30 112 so appealing for so many years are present and accounted for on Peavey’s new Classic 20 MH, a mini amp head that’s packed with features and performance usually encountered only on much bigger products.

Review: DiMarzio The Black Angel Guitar Pickup — Video

When I hit the stage with my acoustic guitar, I tend to favor a soundhole pickup rather than close miking to achieve a convincingly authentic acoustic sound. Since it mounts snugly onto the soundhole, a magnetic pickup is unobtrusive and a great way to amplify your acoustic without ruining your guitar’s finish or having to permanently install electronics that can quickly become outdated.

Review: Amptweaker FatMetal Distortion Pedal — Video

The modus operandi for designing most “metal” distortion pedals usually involves making a circuit that can boost gain to ungodly levels and slapping in a radical EQ circuit that boosts and cuts frequencies far beyond the normal limits of most guitar amps (and taste for that matter).

Review: Bare Knuckle Cobra Prewired Guard Pickups — Video

While it isn’t necessarily rocket science, wiring and installing an entire set of three Strat pickups can be a confusing and time-consuming project for guitarists who fire up a soldering iron maybe once a year, at best. Even worse, if your soldering skills have all the finesse of a four-year-old drawing Batman, your wiring job can suffer from cold solder joints, intermittent connections, and poor grounding.

Practice Made Perfect: Guitar World Rounds Up 17 Amazing Practice Amps

Playing live might be the best way to hone your performance skills, but when it comes to technique, you need practice, practice, practice. If you play an electric guitar, your woodshedding sessions demand an amp that not only reveals the details and nuance of your playing but also sounds great—so great that it makes you want to practice more and become the best guitarist you can.