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The Latest Buzz: A Jedi's Guide to Traveling by Air with Your Guitar

I have tried just about everything as far as how to handle traveling with a guitar, and I think I have it down pretty well. I thought I might share my findings with those of you who might be wondering what the best way is for getting your axe from one place to another. Here goes...

The Latest Buzz: Ode to Brian Setzer, the Not-So-Stray Cat

In 1991, I was invited by my girlfriend to see a band she thought I would enjoy. I was very into 1950s rock 'n' roll. I wore blue jeans and rolled-up white T-shirts and I had just bought myself a 1956 Buick Special, red with a white top, four doors, a little rusty but the original tube radio still worked…I was sold.

Secrets of Great Tone: Gretsch, TV Jones, Fender and the Atomic Brain

No matter how long you’ve been playing guitar, one thing never changes: the desire to acquire the perfect tone.
It's a constant, never-ending quest. There’s always a new pedal, amp, pickup, speaker, tube, set of strings, pick or some other new development that promises to deliver the sound of angels singing as we strike our guitar strings.

The Latest Buzz: A Brief Introduction to Rockabilly

If you haven’t heard the word rockabilly before, first let me say shame on you for not knowing your music history. But you’re in good company, because radio stations don’t seem to know the genre, either.