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Trampled Underfoot: Hand-Built DMB Pedals

I have an insatiable soft spot for handmade pedals that offer a point of difference as well as killer sound. That combination is incredibly hard to resist, especially when it’s topped off by cosmetics that include glitter, a happy vibe and customer service that completes the package. 

Overdrive/Distortion Pedals by Weehbo Effekte of Germany

Beginning as recently as 2008, Eike Hintzen’s Weehbo Effekte of Hannover, Germany, is a relative newcomer to the boutique pedal scene. Eike is a one-man company and does everything on his own. Eike prides his work on being “… completely hand crafted with the greatest care and only high-quality parts.

Singing the Praises of Providence Effects

I first came into contact with Providence effects in February 2010, when they asked me to demo a couple of pedals for them. It was a bit of a revelation, actually. Once I’d developed the taste for their work, I was addicted. Heavily.

Trampled Underfoot: Basic Audio is the Lyon's Den o' Fuzz

John Lyons of Basic Audio is serious about his fuzz. Originally from Santa Barbara, California, and now living and working in West Virginia, John builds his fuzzes and other cool pedals from the ground up.