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First Listen: Robby Hecht Premieres Video for “New York City” and Announces New Album

A classic singer/songwriter in the vein of James Taylor or Joni Mitchell, Robby Hecht has just previewed an upcoming self-titled album that simply grabbed me right away. Slated for release on March 25, Robby Hecht is a melancholy combination of lovely acoustic accompaniments and masterful but accessible lyrics. Hecht’s collection of songs fits like your favorite shoes. Even on first listen these songs feel like they’ve been lurking in the back your brain just waiting for a chance to make themselves known. Sigh.

Video: Sara Bareilles Plays The Loar on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

The lovely and talented Sara Bareillies took the stage last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform her single, " I Choose You" from her latest album, The Blessed Unrest. Her instrument of choice for the live performance was The Loar LO-16 small body acoustic. I don't know about you, but I've been seeing smaller body guitars popping up all over the place, and this one is sure worthy of a sit down. I'm told it has that front porch blues-box sound, which seems like a good place to start!

Video Finds: Tommy Emmanuel's Jaw-Dropping Acoustic 12-Bar Blues

If there's anyone who can shred on acoustic guitar with jaw-dropping effect, it's Tommy Emmanuel. Here he runs through "Guitar Boogie" and "Stevie's Blues," a song he wrote for the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughan. You might be flabbergasted when you finish watching. You might be shaking your head. Me, I have a big ear-to-ear grin and am gonna hit replay.

Acoustic NAMM Spotlight: Taylor Guitars 800 Series

One of my favorite half hours at NAMM 2014 was spent with Andy Powers, master luthier for Taylor Guitars. Andy proudly shared the new Taylor 800 series with me, and boy was it worth my time. While those of you who have tried to check out gear at NAMM know that It’s incredibly hard to hear anything, this series of guitars sure felt fabulous and the rich resonance was unmistakable.

Video Exclusive: John Butler Performs "How You Sleep At Night" Live

Here's one more video filmed live in the Acoustic Nation studio. It features John Butler performing "How You Sleep At Night," from his upcoming album Flesh & Blood. Before he started he told us this was the first time he's played this song solo live on acoustic. I'd say this performance was not too shabby!!

NAMM Acoustic Spotlight: C. F. Martin

This year at NAMM I had the opportunity to check out and try some of the new guitars from legendary guitar maker, C.F. Martin. And legendary is a good word to start with, as they have issued several guitars that are recreations of legacy models, each with their own personality and tonal characteristics.

Video Exclusive: 15-Year-Old Guitarist Sarah Command Performs Andy McKee and Joe Satriani

I recently came across the talented Command Sisters, and these young ladies kind of blew my mind. Yes, they sing in lovely harmonies. Yes, they are talented songwriters and performers. But what really caught my eye were the undeniable guitar chops of young Sarah Command. This 15-year-old young lady takes on not only original music, but tackles pieces by the masters like Andy McKee and Joe Satriani!

Acoustic Guitar a Star on ‘American Idol’

Can there be anything more torturous than auditioning a capella? For years the team at American Idol seemed to think that watching contestants squirm without accompaniment was the way to go. Until now.

Songwriter Spotlight: Robyn Collins and Jordan Reynolds

As the winners of the SongTown USA songwriting contest with their song, “Love is Like Rain," Robyn Collins and Jordan Reynolds prove their undeniable writing chemistry. Competing against hundreds of entries, Robyn and Jordan struck a chord with the team of judges, lead by hit Nashville songwriters Marty Dodson and Clay Mills. The reward of the contest? A co-writing session with these two master writers!

Here we talk to this songwriting team about their winning song, their journey and what's next.

Exclusive Interview: John Butler Talks New Album, Gear, Songwriting and More.

On the verge of releasing his latest album, Flesh and Blood, John Butler took a few minutes to sit down with us in the Acoustic Nation studio. We laughed, we played, we talked about new music and songwriting and a whole lot more.