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Video Premiere: The Last Year's Acoustic "Sugar"

Check out this new acoustic video from The Last Year. “Sugar” is a haunting little number that showcases some great songwriting. With a nice open arrangement of piano and acoustic guitar, complemented by Nikki Barr’s expressive vocal, the song soars in acoustic form.

Guitar World/The Deli's SXSW Stompbox Exhibit Made for a Stompin' Good Time in Austin

The concept was simple: Provide many, many loaded pedal boards, packed with effects by a host of manufacturers. Make sure there are plenty of Washburn guitars available. Let the testing begin!

Video Finds: Brushy One-String Plays "Chicken in the Corn" on a One-String Guitar

Ever try playing a guitar with just one string on it? Me neither! But for Brushy One-String, it's an every day occurrence. Why one string? Apparently it came to him in a dream, in which he was told to play a one-string guitar. He took it to heart and the rest, as they say, is history.

Video: Tommy Emmanuel Does Double Duty on "Hellos and Goodbyes"

Are you seeing double? So am I! It's Tommy Emmanuel and...Tommy Emmanuel in a duet with HIMSELF! If you think this might be gimmicky, well think again. Emmanuel knows how to deliver on beautifully executed acoustic performance and this one has double the goodness.

Premiere: Suzie Brown's "28 Days" from her Upcoming Release 'Almost There'

I am so psyched to share the song that has been in my head for minutes and seconds and hours and...well, when you listen you'll get the idea. It's "28 Days" from Nashville-based Suzie Brown's upcoming album, Almost There, due to hit on May 6, 2014.

Video: GoPro Footage of Mike Dawes Performing "The Impossible"

We've had a bit of fun with incredible guitarist Mike Dawes over the last few weeks. Here, we couldn't resist mounting a GoPro camera on the headstock of Dawes' guitar as he played his incredible, original composition, "The Impossible."

Exclusive Interview: Mike Dawes Takes On "The Impossible"

Mike Dawes first came across our stream of consciousness when we find his amazing video of "The Impossible" on YouTube. The song, from his album What Just Happened?, showcases his innate melodic instinct and incredible guitar prowess. We caught up with Dawes when he was in sunny Cali to get the scoop on his amazing technique and more. Check it out!

Interview with Seiichi Daimo and Exclusive Stream of New EP, ‘In The Inbetween’

With the release of his new, four-song EP, In The Inbetween, on February 25, singer/songwriter Seiichi Daimo invites us into an intimate world of off-kilter but compelling songs. The somewhat stark mix makes you sit up and pay attention, in a pleasant and satisfying way. The title track, “In The Inbetween,” kicks it off with a rollicking lilt and a singalong chorus. With a solid beat and some badass banjo, it’s my favorite of the bunch. The entire collection is well written and just different enough to get its grip on you and hold on tight.

Show Review: John Butler Trio at The Independent

Want to see some really sick guitar playing? So did I. That’s why I hauled it over to The Independent in San Francisco last night to see the killer performance of the John Butler Trio. With selections ranging from trippy reggae-tinged sing-alongs to lovely harmony-laden ballads and straight out rock tunes, the set was not only varied, it was enthralling.

Interview: Tony McGuinness on ‘Above & Beyond Acoustic’

Above & Beyond, one of the UK's biggest dance acts, has gone unplugged with their wonderfully creative Above & Beyond Acoustic album. A somewhat unique entry in the world of acts going acoustic, this masterfully performed and recorded collection of the trio’s best-loved songs is really worth a listen. This collection is not something I’d necessarily classify as “dance music,” I’d just say it’s incredibly good music.