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First Listen: Laura Zucker's 'Life Wide Open'

Singer/Songwriter and guitar instructor Laura Zucker has just released a new album of carefully crafted songs called Life Wide Open. Zucker, who just came back from the NERFA conference and was one of the winners of 2013’s West Coast Songwriters Association Best Song competition, clearly can construct a terrific turn of phrase. But it’s her compositions as a whole that make you feel like someone just wrapped you in a warm blanket.

Hurry! Enter by November 12 for a Chance to Play Live at NAMM

Now's your chance to not only attend the NAMM show, but to play there live on-stage! The John Lennon Songwriting Contest folks have opened up a slot in there yearly concert to two lucky winners! If you are chosen you get to go to the show, perform at their concert, and win some great prizes. Hurry! Entries close November 12.

Crowd-Funding Check List

I recently hosted a panel on a hot topic: crowd-funding. The consensus? Smart musicians can be very successful at raising money this way. But it's a job. Crowd-funding requires some ingenuity, a business plan, and truck-loads of dedication. There's so much more to running a successful crowd-funding campaign than meets the eye.

Interview: Tom Hobden of Noah and the Whale

I recently stopped in at the Fillmore to check out the fabulous lads in Noah and The Whale. While I was drawn in by the charisma and talent of the entire band, it was violinist Tom Hobden that really caught my eye. Hobden often took the role as the lead player, playing memorable riffs with dramatic flare.

Eight Great Covers of “Wonderwall”

Why is it that we never get sick of the Oasis classic, “Wonderwall?” I personally have performed it at campfires and shows across the country! Is it the easy chords? The catchy chorus? The strange but somehow relatable lyrics? What is a wonderwall anyway? The world may never know…Here’s a collection of covers of this iconic cut. Each unique. Each with its own quirky spin. So grab a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and OD on “Wonderwall.” Got a great “Wonderwall” cover you’ve done yourself? Share a link in our comments below.

Interview: Patty Griffin Releases “Silver Bell” 13 Years After It Was Recorded

She recorded it in 2000, but Patty Griffin’s Silver Bell has just officially seen the light of day this week. Intended to be the follow-up to her hard-rocking 1998 sophomore release, Flaming Red, the album was not released by A&M Records, a victim of the label's turn-of-the-century ownership change, and until now, it has remained a missing piece from Griffin's acclaimed catalog. Newly mixed by legendary producer Glyn Johns, Silver Bell features 14 original songs, some which have been made hits by other artists in the interim. Here we sit down with Griffin to get the story behind the delay!

Guitar Girl’d: The WiMN Hosts Events at CBGB Festival in New York City

As many of my faithful readers know, I champion shining a spotlight on deserving women and the issues they face. This week the Women’s International Music Network is holding two events as part of the CBGB Festival in NYC. As the organization’s founder, I will host both a panel and showcase on Thursday, October 10, 2013.

Introducing Acoustic Nation, a New Website Focusing on Acoustic Music

Over the last few years I’ve been noticing a trend. Traditional acoustic instruments have been popping up, well, all over the place. When I saw them earlier this year in San Francisco, alternative rockers Thao and the Get Down Stay Down grabbed a mandolin, a banjo, and if I it remember right, one or two other “traditional” instruments, to add to their punky edge. It blew me away.

Guitar Girl'd: 50 Awesome Things About the Women’s Music Summit

I just realized that with this story, I have written 100 stories for GuitarWorld.com. To commemorate this milestone, I've turned my 100th story into a list of 100 things. And since I just finished producing the second annual Women’s Music Summit, those 100 things would all be about the Summit, including my favorite moments from this inspiring event.

First Listen: Tawny Ellis — A Selection of Summer Singles

If you’re looking for a soundtrack for the last gasp of summer, try a set of sweet singles by singer/songwriter Tawny Ellis. A native of Savannah, Georgia, Ellis splits her time between Los Angeles and New Orleans, and it shows in her music. A sultry compilation of twangy strings and smoky vocals, Ellis delivers a collection that showcases her considerable talent.