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Plugging In, Episode 2: The One Where I Record with Electric Guitar for the First Time

It hadn’t occurred to me that recording with an electric guitar would be all that different from recording acoustic. I was wrong. Over the years, I have developed a decent working knowledge of Pro Tools and have access to some nice mics. I’ve learned the proper mic’ing technique for recording acoustic guitar and have experimented with mic placement, mixing in the built-in pickup track, EQ-ing and more in order to get a pretty good acoustic recording.

SXSW Report: Top Moments for Austin’s Music Fest

The best parts of SXSW are the surprise moments. The bands you don’t plan to see, the people you had no idea you’d meet, the sheer unpredictability that forces you to just go with the flow. Most of my favorite SXSW moments this year stem from accidentally encountered awesomeness. But that said, it’s no accident that these performers are at SXSW.

Guitar Girl'd: Interview with Megan Reilly on Her New Album, 'The Well'

In the six years since her last release, Let Your Ghost Go, Megan Reilly started a family, toured with Neko Case, The Mekons, Tom Verlaine and Grant Lee Philips, and moved twice. And, of course, she has been plugging away at writing and recording her new album, The Well, which is slated to step into the light on April 24.

Interview with Rory Block: When a Woman Gets the Blues

What happens when a 14-year-old white girl sits down with blues legends and shoots the breeze? Ask guitarist Rory Block. She’ll tell you the blues is in her blood. In her soul. In her hands. Block picked up the guitar at age 10 and by her early teens was learning from the men that birthed the blues.

Plugging In, Episode 1: The One Where I Pick Up an Electric Guitar

I have an embarrassing confession to make: I’ve never played an electric guitar. What?! How can that be?! In all my years of working with amp brands like Marshall, VOX, Acoustic, Dean Markely and 65amps, and interviewing and writing about great players, I just never felt the inclination to track down an electric guitar and plug in.

Guitar Girl'd: Interview with Malina Moye, When Left Feels Right

With an upside-down, left-handed style that can’t help but evoke Jimi Hendrix, Malina Moye straddles both rock and soul. Her enthusiastically funkafied spirit is contagious. She gorgeous. She’s talented. She can rock her ass off.

Guitar Girl'd: Hot Girls, Guitars and Balls at ... Macworld?

I know you think guitars and cars have a lock on hot girls, but Mac geeks have to a have a little fun, too! That’s why my foray into the Macworld iWorld expo in search of some musical fun got a little, shall we say, waylaid. Did I find some cool music apps, accessories and more as I scavenger-hunted my through the booths filled with many, many iPad cases? You bet. You can read about 'em here. But I know what boys like.

Interview: Gabriela Quintero Discusses the New Rodrigo y Gabriela Album, 'Area 52'

What do you do when metal just doesn’t work out? Mexican guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela answered that question by moving to Europe and playing intricately fingered acoustic versions of their metal favorites. Gabriela’s unique quasi-flamenco hand tapping and speed-blurred strumming technique fill in like a one-woman rhythm section. With Rodrigo’s lead stylings dancing on top, their performance is spellbinding.

Interview: Ani DiFranco Discusses Her New Album, 'Which Side Are You On?'

You could call Ani DiFranco a political activist. A poet. A free spirit. A lover. A fighter. And a mom. All of these facets have contributed their distinct ingredients to her new album, ¿Which Side Are You On? The result? A tasty concoction that ranges from goose-bump inducing love songs to rousing anthems.

Guitar Girl'd: 10 Great Duets Featuring Female Guitarists

Check out these 10 fabulous and varied duets featuring some excellent guitar playing by greats like Orianthi, Bonnie Raitt, Jennifer Batten and more, paired with legends like Steve Vai, Jeff Beck and Carlos Santana. It’s a guitar feast that’s fit for two!