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2 Steps Back Share "Alone Tonight" — Exclusive Song Premiere

Here’s a fabulous and bouncy song from 2 Steps Back that lifted my mood immediately. It’s the masterfully written “Alone Tonight” from their upcoming self-titled EP, due out June 16.

10 Tips for Choosing the Right Acoustic Strings for You

When was the last time you changed your strings? Well, before you do this time, check out these tips for picking out the perfect strings for you.

Greg Holden Performs "Boys In The Street" — Exclusive Video

Here’s one of my favorite and certainly the most powerful live video we’ve ever recorded in the Acoustic Nation studio. It’s Greg Holden along with Alex Foote performing the amazing song “Boys in the Street.” The song appears on Holden’s new album Chase The Sun.

Greg Holden Live Interview Exclusive

Woo hoo! If there's one thing I like it's a good solid song. And Greg Holden sure knows how to deliver those! I had the pleasure of chatting with Holden at the Acoustic Nation Studio about his new album Chase The Sun, his experience penning the massive hit "Home" for Phillip Phillips and a whole lot more.

The Cerny Brothers 'Sleeping Giant' — Exclusive Album Premiere

Today we’re pleased to premiere the stream of Sleeping Giant, the new release by The Cerny Brothers, available May 12, 2015 on Krian Music Group. The album is a thoughtful blend of acoustic-y goodness supported by some driving beats and heavier guitars. It’s the perfect union of Americana and rock.

Greg Holden Performs "Hold On Tight" Live — Exclusive Video

I had the pleasure of catching up with Greg Holden a couple of weeks ago. Wowza. This talented artist really knows how to write and deliver a tune. Check out his live performance in the Acoustic Nation studio of "Hold On Tight" from his new album, Chase the Sun

Rorie Kelly Inspires with 'Rising Rising Rising'

I had the pleasure of connecting with the talented Rorie Kelly last year when she submitted to perform at the She Rocks Showcase at the NAMM Show in Nashville. Since then I’ve been an avid believer in this NYC-based singer/songwriter. Kelly has faced her demons and is striking out to fulfill her dream with the creation of her new album Rising Rising Rising. She’s got a crowd-funding campaign underway on RocketHub to fund the project. Check out her uplifting message and gorgeous vocals here>>

Capo Tricks & Treats

Beyond the obvious capo advantages of changing a song key to match vocal range, the capo can be handy tool for other purposes as well. There’s no reason not to keep one (or two) in your guitar case or clipped to your headstock for the moment that a need arises. Here are some uses of this handy device.

Alanna Clarke Shares Her Acoustic "Heartstrings" — Exclusive Video Premiere

Chunky guitars paired with a breathy, sensuous vocal open Alanna Clarke’s acoustic video for “Heartstrings.” Spilling into the immediately catchy chorus, Clarke serves up some sweet melodic turns accented by her spot on vocal delivery. Like, like, like!

Vintage Acoustic Heaven at Willie's American Guitars

A trip out of town always holds a bit of excitement for me. But any trip is even more intriguing with a stop at a local music store. This week I spent a couple of days in St. Paul, Minnesota. Now, I’ve never been to Minnesota so when an opportunity for al little sight-seeing and a stop at Willie’s American Guitars was proposed, I jumped on it.