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NAMM 2015: NewBay Media Congratulates Best of Show Award Winners

NewBay Media took to the show floor at the 2015 NAMM show with a team of reviewers with one aim: check out and identify the best gear on the show floor from a flurry of submissions. Yes, the Best of Show award judging was underway.

Bonnie Raitt Lays Down an Acoustic Blues — Video Finds

I admit it. I just love Bonnie Raitt. Is there a more bad-ass female musician out there? I would argue she’s the queen of blues guitar. Raitt, now 65-years-old, is still as hot (and cool) as ever. She released her first album, Bonnie Raitt in 1971 and has been dishing it out ever since.

Deleasa Shares a Pair of Live Acoustic Videos — Exclusive

We are very excited to share a pair of superb acoustic performances from Deleasa. So nice to these stripped down to the soul of the song arrangements. And Michael Deleasa agrees. "I was taught the key to a great songs is if it can stand alone with a acoustic guitar and vocal,” he shares.

Jacky Bastek Performs "No Exit" — Video

I love when folks turn me on to amazing talent. Especially when they are super talented themselves. That’s why when the amazing Jon Gomm shared this link from young guitarist Jacky Bastek, I sat up and took notice.

Five Fabulous Acoustic Duets — Video

Are two really better than one? They are when it comes to these duets! Here amazing performers pair up for some fabulous acoustic playing that is double the fun.

Ten Guitar Resolutions for the New Year

Now is the time when you look back at all the fabulous and horrific moments of the previous year. But it can also be a time to look forward at new possibilities. This year, I propose a set of guitar resolutions that are sure to energize my guitar interactions for the year to come and beyond.

Lesson: James Taylor Teaches Us How to Play "Fire and Rain"

I grew up listening to James Taylor, and I admit I know pretty much every word of every song he’s ever performed. But when it comes to the guitar parts, that’s something I’ve still gotta work on. Luckily the legendary Mr. Taylor has taken steps to remedy that. He’s posted a series of free lessons on his site that not only run through some of his most beloved songs, they also incorporate new portable camera technology so that you can see his right hand technique from the inside.

Video Lesson: Play It Now! John Butler Teaches Us to Play “Spring To Come”

I had the privilege of sitting down with John Butler recently as he went through the fingering and technique for his new song “Spring to Come” off the upcoming album Flesh and Blood. Check it out and Play It Now!

Guitar Republic's "Funky Sexy Republic" — Video Finds

Here’s a kick ass performance by the acoustic guitar masters of Guitar Republic, “Funky Sexy Republic.” I can’t stop watching! Employing every technique you can think of—tapping, plucking, bowing, strumming, and more — this trio of Sergio Altamura, Stefano Barone and Pino Forastiere give it their all!

Ten Easy Acoustic Guitar Holiday Songs

It’s that time of year. Trimming the tree, sipping on egg nog, and of course, strumming a few tunes with family and friends. Many of the songs we love to sing and play this time of year of simply arranged. And you can dig right in and play ‘em to your heart’s content. Here are some of our faves that are easy to play at the drop of a hat (a Santa hat that is!).