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Letting Go of Our Perfectionist Tendencies

I remember my first time playing in front of a crowd like it was yesterday. I was 16 and had recently started a cover band with my brother on drums and a few neighborhood friends.We all caught the metal bug and wanted nothing else but to play Metallica and Pantera covers all day long. The other guitarist in the band told us about an opportunity to play a show at his high school. After some... …

Music Theory Offers "Options," Not "Rules"

In my previous column, I briefly touched upon how polarizing the topic of music theory can be for some musicians.I described it as being a false choice, a line in the sand between the ardent supporters of theory and those who believe it's a hindrance to the creative process.I say this is a false choice because it is not a cut-and-dry issue. Depending on your perspective, music theory can be... …