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Improve Your Vocabulary: Learn Chords, Chords and More Chords

I've always thought of music as a language, and in a way it's the best language because it crosses all boundaries. It's the Universal Language. As with any language, the larger your vocabulary, the more thoughts you can convey. If someone is going to develop a sonic signature, often times it's their touch, vibrato, instrument and amp settings, etc., when playing lines or soloing.

Want to Be a Well-Rounded Guitarist? Check Out Some World Music

I was fortunate to grow up in a neighborhood on Staten Island, New York, where, if I walked a few blocks in either direction, I encountered about every ethnic group one could imagine at the time.

Two Amps, Four Guitars: On Stage or In the Studio, Guitarists Need to Be Prepared for Anything

In my first blog for Guitar World, I want to stress just how important it is to never assume anything is ever going to go your way or the way you planned. If it does, fine, but if not, you need to be ready for anything, land on your feet, and be able to do your job.