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What a Difference a Phrase Makes, Part 2

In the last column, I talked about the importance of phrasing, and how being aware of certain aspects in phrasing (chord tones, tone, vibrato and other dynamics) can embellish your phrasing, and hopefully cause it to stand out stronger than before. In this column, I will explore this concept further, showing you how you can add more color to your phrasing with extended notes, and demonstrate various technical approaches I use to take my phrasing further.

What a Difference a Phrase Makes, Part 1

One of the first things I mentioned was that I feel “tone begins in the hands,” that old adage a lot of players and tone connoisseurs refer to when trying to describe what it takes to make their tone. Today I’d like to expand on that time-honored statement a little further with the following proposition: If tone begins in the hands, where do phrases begin, and end?

Forbidden Guitarist Steve Smyth on the Passing of Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs

I'll remember him most for his undeniable contributions to the computing world, changes that led me away from being an ordinary PC user to a staunch Apple products user, who is still learning to find the boundaries of seemingly limitless capability that these products serve in my everyday life, from personal to business.

Steve Smyth of Forbidden: Intro and Rig Rundown

Forbidden guitarist Steve Smyth joins the roster as a columnist. In the first entry of his column, Steve goes over his rig.