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Godfrey Townsend, John Entwistle’s Other Guitarist, Discusses Touring with "The Ox"

I had been intrigued when I was 13 by seeing Pete Townshend’s name on the back of the album cover for The Who’s rock opera Tommy. As a result, I bought the album and became a huge fan of the music of The Who. You can imagine the feeling of fulfillment almost 30 years later of having John Entwistle introduce me every night onstage within a reference to Pete.

On Tour With My Guitar Heroes, Part 2: Dave Mason

This installment of my blog was meant to be posted in the beginning of September as the second half of a two-part blog titled “On Tour With My Guitar Heroes; Rick Derringer, Mark Farner and Dave Mason." The first part covered Rick Derringer and Mark Farner. This second part will be dealing with Dave Mason. If you haven’t already done so, you can read the first part right here.

On Tour With My Guitar Heroes: Rick Derringer, Mark Farner and Dave Mason

This summer, not only am I working with '60s artists such as The Turtles, The Association, The Buckinghams, The Grassroots and Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere & The Raiders on the Happy Together 2011 tour -- but I’m also touring with the Hippiefest 2011 Summer Tour, which features Felix Cavaliere of The Rascals, Gary Wright and guitar heroes Rick Derringer, Mark Farner and Dave Mason.

Godfrey Townsend: Early Influences and Developing a Playing Style

This week, I’m shifting gears and talking about some different topics than the past few weeks, which mostly dealt with some of the rock legends I’ve played with and how I got there. When attempting to come up with an interesting and informative topic for other guitarists (young and old), I thought that certain players' influences would be cool to talk about.

My Impromptu Two-Hour Jam with John Entwistle of The Who

I've been a huge fan of The Who since discovering Tommy at age 13 during the summer of 1969. (Apparently, a lot of great things happened that summer.) For decades, I listened to, learned and played everything by The Who that I could get my hands on.

How I Got Recruited to Play Guitar with Rock Royalty

I’m just a guy who grew up in Brooklyn in the '60s, started playing piano at around age 9, happened to catch The Beatles on "The Ed Sullivan Show," switched my main interest to guitar, taught myself to play by figuring out solos by Clapton, Hendrix and Page, and 20 years later, went on to meet and work with most of my heroes.