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Interview: Guitarist David Abeyta Discusses New Reckless Kelly Album, 'Good Luck and True Love'

Austin-based country band Reckless Kelly’s new album, Good Luck and True Love, might also be an appropriate title for its lead guitarist’s career. David Abeyta attended Berklee College of Music to determine if he had what it takes to make it as a guitarist. “I thought, ‘If I can do this, then I’ll keep at it,'" Abeyta says. “I used it as my measuring stick, which may or may not have been a good idea. Luckily, it worked.” Abeyta checked in before a show in Boston to talk about the new album, his favorite gear and getting his start in a ukulele band.

Interview: Joshua Moore of We Came As Romans Discusses New Album, 'Understanding What We’ve Grown to Be'

Since the release of their 2009 full-length, To Plant a Seed, We Came As Romans have enjoyed an ever-growing fan base — and tour schedule. We recently found time to chat with guitarist and lyricist Joshua Moore about the band’s new album, life on the road and recent bacterial meningitis scare.

Interview: Dustin Bushnell of The Dirty Heads Discusses "Lay Me Down" and Upcoming New Album

After Bradley Nowell’s death in 1996 and the subsequent disbanding of Sublime, the reggae-rock genre continued to flourish, but it struggled to produce many standout bands. With their surprise 2008 hit, “Lay Me Down,” The Dirty Heads seemed to be the perfect act to fill the void. Hailing from Southern California, the band fuses elements of reggae, hip-hop and punk into a mellow, melodic style that is equal parts Kingston and Compton.

Interview: Dan Lotti and Mike Sivilli of Dangermuffin

A strange name and beards that would put lumberjacks' facial hair to shame make Dangermuffin a tough band to ignore, but their unique lineup and genre-blending approach to roots music is what has ultimately earned this South Carolina trio its loyal fan base.

Interview: Chris Browne and Nate Morris of Polar Bear Club

Guitarists Chris Browne and Nate Morris of Polar Bear Club discuss the band's new album, Clash Battle Guilt Pride, which is due out this fall.