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The Oil Slick Review: The Goondas — 'Dog Show'

The Goondas have put out one of the most passionate odes to garage rock of the year with Dog Show, an album that is all sweat, energy and aggression. It’s raw without feeling unfinished, ragged in all the right places, and just plain fun. If you’re looking for no frills rock and roll, you can’t do much better.

The Oil Slick: Remembering The Oblivians and The Gories

If you surfed the garage-rock-revival wave starting in the early 2000s, you may not have gotten to experience some of the bands your favorite bands looked up to. If you want to trace garage back a bit further than the Strokes, start with these two albums by two of the seminal garage rock badasses.

The Oil Slick: Some Suggested Alternative Careers for Rock Stars

Garage rock is known for its outrageous characters, from the raw power of Iggy Pop to the ferocious musical idealism behind Jack White. To say that most artists have passion would be an understatement. Fortunately for us, these individuals found their way into music, and not behind the desk of some giant firm. Just for fun, what would the perfect job (besides the one they've got, of course) be for some of the bigger names out there?

The Oil Slick: Rock Greats Who Briefly Sold Out

Musicians and capitalism have a very unique relationship. Obviously, everybody needs money to live, but when an artist does anything besides play music for money, they're seen as "selling out" or suddenly losing all built-up credibility. As odd as it seems, most artists are willing to give up a few minutes of their time to shell a product for literally bags of money, much to their fans' chagrin.

The Oil Slick: Unique Ways Bands Have Called it Quits

A band is a continuously evolving organism, with tour dates on top of record deals on top of label promises to fulfill at all times. With such a busy schedule, it's amazing any of them find the time to quit properly. Here are three bands who found unique ways to ride into the sunset.

The Oil Slick: Celebrating the Exploding Hearts' 'Guitar Romantic' 10 Years Later

The Exploding Hearts dressed weird, started fights and generally did everything respectable young punks typically do to raise hell. They also swaggered like the Ramones and had the chops to back it up. By all accounts, the group was one to watch. Why don't you know about them? On their way back from a show in San Francisco, their van rolled over and killed three band members.

The Oil Slick: Three Golden Rules for Surviving and Enjoying SXSW

SXSW might be one of the most eclectic (and insane) festivals in the world. It's become something of a brilliant disaster, with throngs of people and a band list that will soon need its own billboard just to fit everything. If you are lucky enough to get to see this spectacle, you may be a little daunted at how easy it is to get distracted, lost or both. The sensory overload provided by the throngs of people is enough to put anyone in a daze.

The Oil Slick: Sounds Jack White Should Ignore on His New Album

Jack White, who is full steam ahead on his next album, has already said it's “all over the place” in terms of sounds. That means one of the most prolific musicians out there will be adding a few new sounds to his repertoire. While I'm sure whatever he goes after will be up to White's demanding standards, there are some genres he should just forget. Here are three he shouldn't touch with a 10-foot guitar.

The Oil Slick: Three Awesome (and Free) Apps for Discovering New Music

It can be a little intimidating to venture past trusted favorite artists and into new territory. Luckily, most of us have something in our pockets that make finding new music a breeze. Your smart phone has a wide variety of apps to help you find your next major band crush.

The Oil Slick: Honoring the Women of Garage Rock

Everyone knows about Jack White and Iggy Pop, but sadly, musicians of the other gender are often overlooked. Regardless of the reason, it seems girls don't get the same recognition as their male counterparts in a genre that respects how hard you play the guitar as much as how well. These three women, however, have created some great garage rock and deserve your attention.