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Interview: Leslie West Discusses the Gibson Les Paul Jr., His Health, Influences and Upcoming Iridium Shows

Leslie West grew up in New York City and started out as one of the original members of The Vagrants. Of course, he is best known as the guitarist for the hard rock group Mountain, who Rolling Stone once called “a louder version of Cream.” The band gave us classics like “Mississippi Queen” and “Theme from an Imaginary Western” and was credited with helping the development of heavy metal.

The Oil Slick: Three Albums Made for Summer Playlists

Some albums were made to be blared at high volumes while in shorts and hopefully at a beach. They are the creations that capture the sound of being carefree; party-centric odes to long nights and late mornings, and these three are at the top of the list.

Interview: Guitarist Vigilante Carlstroem of The Hives Discusses Their New Album, 'Lex Hives'

Widely hailed as one of the best live acts in music and one of the last remaining members of the 2000's garage rock revival, The Hives are set to unleash their new album Lex Hives on the masses on June 5 for the United States.

The Oil Slick: Was Garage Rock Ahead of the Curve?

Garage rock bands are usually known for their effort, as opposed to their skill; more sweat than style, in other words. We listen to bands that take their act on the road day in and day out, taking few breaks and seeing roadies more than their families. Bands that leave their mark on the stage literally, with blood, sweat and maybe a few tears. Now other genres across music may be taking their cue from these road warriors.

The Oil Slick: The Class Clowns Laugh Last

Don't look now, but there may be a winner for the longest-lasting modern garage rock band, and it's a bit of a shock. Apparently, things made in Sweden just last longer. The Hives rode in on the same garage rock revival wave as the White Stripes, the Strokes and the Vines. However, unlike the other groups of the movement, the Hives never made the mistake of taking themselves too seriously.

Interview: Black Spiders Guitarists Mark “Dark Shark” Thomas and Peter “Spider” Spiby Discuss New Album, 'Sons of the North'

Led by their three-headed guitar frenzy and unabashed Black Sabbath worship, Black Spiders have hit the ground running in the UK. Their debut album, Sons of the North, was met with critical and commercial approval across the pond last year, and the band were selected by Ozzy Osborne to open on Ozzfest's UK leg. More recently, they were just hand-picked by Thin Lizzy to open for a run of shows in May.

The Oil Slick: What to Make of Jack White's Solo Album?

It seems fitting that my first review to be featured in my Oil Slick blog -- a blog about garage rock -- addresses a solo album by one of the genre's most prolific artists, Jack White -- even though he has already removed himself from the landscape his guitar helped carve.

The Oil Slick: When Will Garage Rock Get Its Revival?

Remember the early part of the 2000s? The time when every critic and their brother was saying this was going to be the "Age of Garage Rock?" Artists like the Strokes, the Vines, the Hives, the White Stripes (plus the rest of Detroit) and the Black Keys were all breaking onto the scene, leading many to proclaim we had entered into a golden era in raw riffage.

The Oil Slick: Who Tastes Like What?

Iggy Pop's recent proclamation about bands today being a bunch of “cheap drinks” you can find at a supermarket got me thinking. But much like Homer Simpson, when I think of a drink, my brain goes directly to beer. If artists today are a bunch of drinks, what kind of beers are they, exactly?

The Oil Slick: Three Songs Dishing Out Tough Love

Musicians are just like normal people, and, like us, they run into people throughout their lives who just annoy the hell out of them. However, musicians don't need to resort to passive aggressive Facebook posts to voice their frustrations. Here are three of the harshest character critiques via song.