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Think and Play Better by Using Your Non-Dominant Hand More Often

Hello, all! In my crusade to blog about things guitarists can benefit from (things that have very little to do with actually playing guitar), I'd like to discuss something that comes up a lot when we are in our practice rooms: dexterity -- dominance or cross-dominance. These are big words for something simple. Am I right handed, left handed or both (ambidextrous)?

How Various Musical Genres are 'Different Sides of the Same Object'

Guitarist Available: Into Hard Rock, Country, Polka, Easy Listening, Elevator Jazz, Gypsy, Classical, Barbershop, Big Band ..." As an 11-year-old, I was infatuated with Def Leppard. I would even pretend to play along with the Hysteria album using one (not two) chopsticks as drumsticks to emulate Rick Allen, assigning my left foot to snare drum duties.

How Yoga Can Make You a Better Guitarist

In my blog series, I try to discuss how elements outside of playing guitar have influenced the way I play -- or teach -- guitar. Today, I would like to talk about relaxation, and how exploring yoga has influenced the way I operate strings and a pick.

Something Guitarists Can Learn from Drummers: The Art of "Recovery"

Let's talk about the art of recovery. The standard street definition of recovery is gaining possession of something that, for one reason or another, you've lost. It can be anything: your health, money, love, etc. The idea of recovery is the old adage, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."