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Joe Satriani Opens Up in His First Guitar World Interview from 1987

Things have certainly been changing for Joe Satriani. Suddenly a lot of people besides a few musicians know his name, have heard about his awesome chops, are picking up his first record, Not of this Earth. Which must be why, on this hot and muggy Sunday night in New York hundreds of folks have thronged to a converted church, now a club, called Limelight. In conjunction with the New Music Seminar, Guitar World is sponsoring a concert featuring Satriani.

Steve Vai Discusses Recording 'Skyscraper,' His New Album with David Lee Roth in 1988 Guitar World Interview

It's two days before Christmas, and at Guitar World, the atmosphere is giddy. Ax slinger extraordinaire Steve Vai is coming to town, coming to these very offices, in fact, bearing a preview tape of Skyscraper, the album he's co-produced with David Lee Roth.

Leslie West Discusses the Roots of Mountain in 1987 Guitar World Interview

"You can't get more basic and efficient than this," croaks Leslie West as he gestures at his brand-new Les Paul Junior. Gibson has given him the first of their re-issued line, in honor of all he did for that model by playing it to death-his earlier ones literally fell apart from use -- in Mountain and West, Bruce & Laing.

Jeff Beck Discusses Gear, Technique and Hendrix in 1985 Guitar World Interview, Part 2

Part II of our encounter with rock's Jack of Spades takes the form of this survey of the many musical milestones in Jeff Beck's consistently astonishing career. The Yardbirds, The Jeff Beck Group, The ARMS Tour and beyond –- all are heard from in this special report.

Jeff Beck Discusses Gear, Technique and Hendrix in 1985 Guitar World Interview

Here's part one our interview with Jeff Beck from the January 1985 issue of Guitar World. The original story by Gene Santoro ran with the headline "Jeff Beck, The Interview: Twenty Years of Rock and Roll Power," and the story started on page 34.