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Ask Ted Nugent: The Nuge Discusses Practicing, Gibson Byrdlands and the 'Double Live Gonzo' Album

I have always played and jammed like a man possessed, and my own songs simply flowed nonstop from the very beginning as early as 1960 onward. I still jam constantly, which, to my way of thinking, is the ultimate practice, because it is free form and purely uninhibited and defiant, at least the way I jam it is. Some days I hammer away for hours, some days just a few minutes.

Ask Ted Nugent: The Nuge Weighs In on Hunting, Gibson Byrdlands, Absolutism and Ballsiness

My hunting lifestyle is the ultimate soul cleanser and "re-creator" of my spirit and energy. Venison is the rocket fuel for the healthiest life, and the hunting procedure is the last perfect environmental and spirit positive function available to mankind. I like to think of my life as downright perfect. It's thrilling living such a full, gratifying life so I live it to the max every day.