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How to Learn and Retain Music Faster and Have a Deeper Understanding of What You Know

When learning new scales, chords, concepts, etc., the goal is always to learn it quickly and turn it into music.Sometimes you find yourself going over something again and again as if your brain won’t allow you to take in anymore information for the day—and then you get frustrated.Around this time, you start screaming to your ceiling/roommate, “Why can’t I just be a guitar god prodigy?”Well I... …

Spread Triads: Making the Guitar Sound Beautiful

This week, it's all about making the guitar sound as beautiful as possible.For me, the masters of this are Eric Johnson and Tim Miller (who was actually a teacher of mine at one point). We'll get to what they both do that sounds very unique. We'll also go over ways I like to doll up some otherwise normal-sounding guitar parts. The first and easiest way is to open up your chords. I mean use... …