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Modern Day Escape Shows Put on Ice in the Northwest — But an Awesome Time Was Had by All

Unfortunately, due to the snow and bad weather, we had to cancel a few shows: Spokane and Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon. We weren't happy about canceling, but the weather was so bad, we couldn't see where we were going because our windshield was freezing over!

Greetings from the (Cold) Road from Modern Day Escape's Mark Burn

So growing up in Orange County, California, doesn't really prepare you for the cold winter weather in the rest of the country! I didn't even bring boots, gloves or a scarf and beanie. However, the shows have been going amazing on this tour. We just played Kilby Court in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the place was packed, great crowd.

Tour Blog: Modern Day Escape Guitarist Mark Burn Checks in From the Road

This is my first tour with Modern Day Escape and so far it's been going great, except for a couple of vehicle problems. Only four days in and we had to get our water pump and heater fixed for the van. Going through the Rockies in the winter you HAVE to have heat and a defroster; otherwise, you'll freeze and so will the windows, causing you to drive off a cliff and probably die, no bueno.