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Monster Licks Unleashed: Take the Blues Scale to Ferocious New Places — Video

Because my influences are the greats of blues-rock guitar—Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, etc.—I wanted to be able to stick to the same tonality but adapt it to the heavier, more aggressive style of music I tend to lean toward; certainly in the rock genre, anyway.

Monster Licks Unleashed: An Exercise in Melodic Chaos — Video

We all know a solo should be driven by melody, but every solo needs some craziness, too. The pentatonic scale is very melodic by nature, so even when playing fast licks or runs with this scale, there's still an underlying beauty to it (while the speed takes care of the extremeness needed to lift your soloing to new heights).

Monster Licks Unleashed: Glenn Proudfoot's Tap Fest — Video

There are no picked notes at all in this lick; it's all legato and tapping. The big challenge comes with the hammered notes the right-hand index finger hits. While in theory this sounds very easy, it's something we generally don't do on the guitar, so it proves quite difficult.

Monster Licks Unleashed: Getting Ferocious with a Diminished-Seven Arpeggio — Video

This particular combination works incredibly well for heavy rock or a more progressive style of soloing. I tend to use this sort of lick to transition between the scales. Because I predominantly use the pentatonic, I find the diminished seven arpeggio is the perfect ingredient to add some ferociousness into the tonality.

New Monster Lick Showcases How to Create Legato Runs Using the Pentatonic Scale

This lick is a real showcase of how you can create legato runs using the pentatonic. Predominantly, legato patterns within the pentatonic consist of two-note-per-string pulls and hammers. I like to adopt a combination of this with a wide intervalic approach to add an extra note to the patterns.

Monster Licks Unleashed: Tapping Into the Blues Scale — Video

The notes in this scale are B, D, E, F, F#, A, with the F being the flat five or added note. Without a doubt, the blues scale is one of the most frequently used scales in rock soloing, and for good reason! When played slow and clean, it sounds very dark, dirty and bluesy. When played more aggressively with legato and tapping, it sounds incredibly modern.

Monster Licks Unleashed: Stretching the Limits with Glenn Proudfoot

In this Monster Lick Unleashed, I'm using the diminished 7th scale in the key of E. The notes used in the scale are E, G, Bb and C#. I particularly love this scale for the intense sound it creates when played fast or slow. This scale is perfect to use in combination with the pentatonic.

Monster Licks Unleashed with Glenn Proudfoot: Blues Scale Chaos — Video

Players often will combine lots of different modes, etc., to their soloing. I do the same but with a different approach; I base everything around the pentatonic, so instead of playing modes, I simply add the notes to the pentatonic. This way, I always have that rock base behind the sound.

Monster Licks Unleashed: Glenn Proudfoot Unleashes the Madness — Video

Many of us fall into the trap of practicing the same old stuff over and over again. This is why so many players find they hit a point where they don't get better. This has nothing to do with age or physical limitations; it's because they are not practicing or challenging themselves. They are doing nothing but maintaining.

Monster Licks Unleashed: Slipping and Sliding with the Diminished 7th — Video

In this Monster Lick, I'm incorporating the diminished 7th scale in the key of E minor. Don’t be fooled by the way I'm playing this lick. I'm targeting a heavy sound and style, but you can just as easily use this combination for blues or jazz. You should be able to hear these qualities in the lick when you watch the slow demonstration in the video below.