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Ned Evett Fretless Guitar Blog: Always Be Prepared

Prepared guitar involves attaching objects to the strings, causing exciting artificial overtones. Objects can include sinker weights, felt, pipe cleaner, etc. Here, in my new video, "Bend Me," I attached a prepared wooden mute across the bridge of my Republic Highway 61 Fretless resonator.

Ned Evett Fretless Guitar Blog: 'An Introduction to Fretless Guitar'

Hi, I'm Ned Evett, I'm a singer-songwriter fretless guitarist. In 1998, after several years of building, unbuilding and experimenting with fretless guitars, I decided it was time to put together an album using the fretless guitar exclusively. I named the album An Introduction to Fretless Guitar after my favorite Ravi Shankar album, An Introduction to Indian Music.

Ned Evett Fretless Guitar Blog: Blue Raga on John Frusciante's Custom Guitar

In my video example for this week, I play some bluesy/Indian runs on a fretless, glass-necked guitar I custom-modified for John Frusciante. This interesting job, which I completed in September 2006, was arranged by Frusciante's guitar tech, Dave Lee. I took a Warmouth vintage replacement neck ... click to read more!

Ned Evett's Fretless Guitar Blog: Fretless Guitar, Delta Style!

My name is Ned Evett. I play fretless guitars exclusively, modifying them with mirrored glass fingerboards. When playing the fretless guitar, the material the fingerboard is made of greatly affects the overall tone; this same effect is found when using different types of slide (brass, glass, bone, etc.) on slide guitar. Playing fretless guitar is a lot like playing slide guitar; just remember your left hand fingers take the place of a conventional slide.