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Chris Traynor of Bush: "Guitar Has Given Me Everything I've Ever Dreamed of and More"

I've spent most of the past three months in underground labyrinths supporting Nickelback on an arena tour. And while I'm not really burned out, I am looking forward to going home for a week. I rented a home in Los Angeles days before Bush left for Southeast Asia and Australia. That was in January. It's now the end of June, June 27 to be exact. I've spent a total of seven days in said house in said time period.

Chris Traynor of Bush: Horse-Bit and Homeless

I woke up this morning in the parking lot of a resort hotel in Orlando, Florida. I grabbed my guitar and room key and headed through the lobby to find the elevator bank. There's a talking red parrot being heckled by chubby kids in shorts and swim goggles. I can’t quite hear the parrot’s retort.

Chris Traynor of Bush: Heading to My Hometown to Play Madison Square Garden

It’s the second week of the Bush and Nickelback tour and I've made it back to my hometown of NYC. While a lot of people move to New York for a little while and claim to be New Yorkers, those of us who were born in Manhattan or one of the boroughs might beg to differ. My father is from Howard Beach, my mother is from Ozone Park, and I was born in Rosedale: the trifecta of Queens.