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Written in Blood: In This Moment’s Chris Howorth Discusses New Album

Late last year, In This Moment guitarist Chris Howorth and vocalist Maria Brink received news that original members Blake Bunzel and Jeff Fabb were leaving the group in order to join American Idol alum James Durbin’s touring band.

Going For Broke: Dokken Guitarist Jon Levin Discusses New Album, 'Broken Bones'

Broken Bones is the 11th studio album from Dokken and one that features a refreshing return to the signature sound reminiscent of such albums as Under Lock and Key and Back For The Attack. With songs like “Empire," the title-track and “Burning Tears," Don Dokken’s vocals are stronger than ever and guitarist Jon Levin, now entering his second decade with the band, continues to unleash guitar fury solidifying his place as one of the true metal greats.

Interview: Guitarist Vicki Peterson Discusses Influences and The Bangles' Latest Album, 'Sweetheart of The Sun'

Bangles' guitarist Vicki Peterson is no stranger to royalty. The stunning beauty has rubbed elbows and played alongside some of the giants of rock and pop over the course of her career. Her tasty guitar work, soulful vocals and songwriting prowess continue to be an inspiration to male and female musicians.

Interview: Steve Howe Discusses Asia's New Album, 'XXX,' and His Latest Solo Album, 'Time'

In 2006, the four original members — Steve Howe, John Wetton, Carl Palmer and Geoff Downes — reunited and have since released three successful studio albums: Phoenix, Omega and their latest, XXX (pronounced “Triple X”), a flawlessly executed album that continues to push the barriers of progressive rock.

Interview: Joel Hoekstra Discusses Night Ranger’s New Live Acoustic CD/DVD, '24 Strings & A Drummer'

It’s not often that a guitarist grows up listening to one of his favorite bands, and then has the opportunity to become part of that band’s legacy. But Joel Hoekstra is no ordinary guitarist. His guitar wizardry has allowed him to live out his dream and become a driving force with Night Ranger.

Interview: The 'Pride' of Mike Tramp

Twenty-five years ago, White Lion released their breakthrough album, Pride. The album, which featured two Top 10 hits, peaked at No. 11 on the Billboard charts and sold more than two million copies in the U.S. alone. Pride became one of the most-heralded pop-metal albums of the 1980s with Vito Bratta’s signature melodic guitar work and the heartfelt lyrics and vocals of Mike Tramp.

Interview: Metal Method’s Dee J Nelson Discusses 'It’s Alive' and 'Lead Guitar DNA'

Guitarist Dee J Nelson is making a name for himself. The Chicago-based southpaw shredder, whose DVDs, Monster Power Chords and Lead Guitar DNA, have become hugely popular on Metal Method, has recently released It’s Alive, an album of guitar wizardry that will have players everywhere asking, “How’d he do that?”

Interview: Paul Dean and Loverboy Are Set for a 'Rock 'N' Roll' Revival'

Loverboy, the Canadian rock band whose songs “Working For The Weekend," “Hot Girls in Love” and “Queen of The Broken Hearts” have become staples of classic rock radio, have released Rock 'N' Roll Revival, a new album of re-recorded hits and new songs. The band is on a massive nationwide tour supporting fellow veteran rockers Journey, Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo.

Interview: 30 Years of 'Metal Method' — a Conversation With Guitarist Doug Marks

Most guitar players have, at the very least, heard the name Metal Method. For three decades, instructor Doug Marks has been teaching guitarists the foundation of hard rock/heavy metal guitar playing.

Interview: Guitarist Greg Howe Discusses New Vocal Project, Maragold, and Reflects on 1988 Debut Album

Since hitting the scene in 1988, guitarist Greg Howe’s contributions to the world of instrumental rock and fusion cannot be underestimated. Howe has performed alongside some of pop music’s biggest stars, including Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and Rihanna.