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Interview: Songwriter and Author Dave Carroll on 'United Breaks Guitars'

Before the Internet, there was this thing called a complaint department, where disgruntled customers would go and voice their dissatisfaction with a product or service to an equally disgruntled employee of said company who was probably only stationed there after being late one too many times the last week.

Fuzz Box Girl Discusses Her New Signature Fuzz Pedal from God Box, the Fuzz Fatale

If you're a fan of YouTube gear demos, you probably already know who Fuzz Box Girl is. Recently we caught up with her to talk about her new signature fuzz pedal from God Box, the Fuzz Fatale.

AC/DC to Begin Writing New Album This Month?

While rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young recently said a new AC/DC album might be a few years away, singer Brian Johnson says the boys will be meeting within the next couple of weeks to start working on songs.

Video: Schoolgirl Japanese Pop Meets Metal in "Baby Metal"

In the category of "WHY DOES THIS EXIST!?!," you can now check out the first video from a new group called Baby Metal, "Doki Doki Morning," below.

GW Girls: Tara Lightfoot