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Get Into the Box, Part 3: Experiments in Doubling and the Stereo Field

This time around we’re going to focus on recording technique and some production tips to address some things that some folks often overlook when trying to achieve the sounds of their favorite records. These are techniques that I have used on many records, including the last two Bret Michaels albums, as well as the theme songs to Rock of Love, Life as I Know It and Speed Channel’s Supercross.

Get Into the Box, Part 2: Know Your Tone … Your Real Tone

One thing I mentioned but I don't think I stressed enough is that while you can use AmpliTube and other apps as real-time plug-ins, I personally don’t recommend it. On one hand, you get the amazing ability to change everything from amp model to mic placement long after you've captured the perfect take, right into the final stages of mixing. The options can be endless — and to me, that’s a problem.

Get Into the Box, Part 1: Getting Those Big, Old-School Sounds

In the last few years, we have been fortunate enough to have two Top 40 records full of guitar-driven rock and roll in a time when we all hear the "Rock is dead" phrase way too often. That being said, we spend nine months a year on a tour bus and are not able to get into world-class or even local recording studios when the creative juices start flowing.