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Bent Out of Shape: Learning Paganini's 16th Caprice in G Minor

A couple of weeks ago, I gave you a short, 30-minute guitar workout designed for guitarists whose practice time is limited. The positive response I received prompted me to create an additional lesson, which, in combination with my original workout, will give you a good hour of intensive practice.

Bent Out of Shape Show Review: Blackmore's Night Live in Berlin

I cannot describe the audience reaction as the entire venue shook with a deep growl. With that single move, Blackmore reminded everyone that he was still the rock guitar god he's always been. As the song ended, I couldn't help but notice the man next to me was crying. I was also relieved that my friend got the moment on film!

Bent Out of Shape: Jake E. Lee-Inspired, Staccato-Style Riffs

For this lesson, I want to explore some more applications of this technique and give you some ideas of how you can use it in your own playing. The technique can be applied to virtually any single-note sequence you come up with. I find it best to create a simple melodic line and then apply the technique to create a riff or motif. I've found it particularly useful in my solos as a way to create dynamics.

Bent Out of Shape: Improve Your Fretboard Knowledge with This Arpeggio Exercise

Players often only play exercises to improve technique, but it's important to vary your exercises to focus on other important parts of guitar playing. Although this exercise is based on arpeggios, it really is meant to help you visualize scales differently from the standard "three note per string" shapes.

Bent Out of Shape: Guitar Workout 2014 — Symmetrical Scales

Last year, I gave you a 30-minute guitar workout designed for guitarists with limited practice time. The goal of the workout was to give you an intense 30 minutes of practice. The positive response to this workout inspired me make a new version for 2014. As with my previous workout the goal is the same: 30 minutes of intense practice.

Bent Out of Shape: Learning Mozart's Symphony No. 25 in G Minor, Part 9

For everyone who has followed me throughout this series, I hope you found it rewarding and challenging. Hopefully this piece has helped you improve as a player in terms of technique and theory. When I began learning the piece, I was looking for something easier technique-wise than my previous Paganini series.

Bent Out of Shape: Learning Mozart's Symphony No. 25 in G Minor, Part 8

We are very close to the end, and — for everyone who has followed me with this series — I hope you've found it useful. For this lesson, much like with Part 7, we're going to play something that follows a previous section (in this case, from Part 4) but within a different relative key.

Bent Out of Shape: An Intensive 30-Minute Guitar Workout for Musicians On the Go

We all have busy lives and responsibilities that distract us from our playing. For this reason, I've developed a quick, intensive guitar "workout" that can be completed in 30 minutes. You can use this by itself as a quick practice when time is limited or incorporate it into a longer practice session. Either way, this workout will help develop your playing in a number of important areas.

Bent Out of Shape: Learning Mozart's Symphony No. 25 in G Minor, Part 7

Part 7 is very interesting because it relates very closely to Part 3. This new section follows the same themes within Part 3, but in a different relative key. Part 3 was based around Bb major, which is the relative major scale of G minor. Part 7, however, features the same themes but played in G minor and, in some sections, G harmonic minor.

Bent Out of Shape: Learning Mozart's Symphony No. 25 in G Minor, Part 6

Welcome to part 6 of "Learning Mozart's 25th Symphony in G Minor." We are getting close to finishing this piece, which might sound surprising considering we have only learned four minutes out of the full 10-minute piece. However, don't worry, because there's going to be a lot of repetition between now and the end.