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Gear Review: Blue Nessie USB Plug-and-Play Microphone

I have a beautiful recording setup, but I have to set it up! This means running cables, plugging in things and figuring out why I’m not getting sound. Next I’ll mull over recording my idea on a cell phone, but I always forfeit that thought knowing I’ll get lackluster results. The Nessie by Blue is a USB plug-and-play microphone. There are no drivers to download, no access codes to enter.

Gear Review: Reunion Blues RBX Electric Guitar and Bass Bags

The quilted exterior is water resistant. The feel and texture reminds me of something between a canvas backpack and a track jacket. What I like about this is if anything gets on it, you can wipe it right off with a wet cloth and not worry about damaging the bag. The backpack straps are fully adjustable. Right above the straps is a triangular handle, referred by Reunion Blues as “the subway grip.”

Gear Review: Taurus Stomp-Head 4.SL Guitar Amp

Guitar amplifiers disguised as effect pedals are nothing new, but most are fairly limiting in one way or another. Usually, the space-related convenience usually leads to an inconvenience in the tone or power department. Then there's the Taurus Stomp-Head 4.SL. Let’s start with the power. The Stomp-Head 4 can be run at 40 or 70 watts.

Gear Review: Tone Bakery Creme Brulee Boost/Overdrive Pedal

“Boutique tones for guitarists on a fast food budget” is the catch phrase for Tone Bakery’s new line of pedals. With a Klon Centaur going for nearly $3,000 these days, I can understand what Tone Bakery is going for by releasing the Creme Brulee — its take on the iconic Centaur boost/overdrive pedal — for less than $100.

Gear Review: Rocktron Gary Hoey Intimidator Distortion Pedal

If the name "Intimidator," the camouflage motif or a Punish knob wasn’t enough of a tip-off, this is a seriously high-gain distortion pedal. It doesn’t clean up well, it doesn’t return phone calls, it doesn’t whisper, it screams!

Guitar By the Book: Four Top-Notch Instructional Books for Guitarists

What good is it if I continue to review a bunch of flashy new gear if I'm running out of cool licks to play? Here are four new books from Hal Leonard. They cover pentatonic licks, chord progressions, expanding your blues vocabulary and blues guitarist Mike Bloomfield’s style.

Gear Review: Mooer Mod Factory Multi-Effect Pedal

Mooer has released the Mod Factory, which packs 11 effects into a micro pedal design. With only one switch, four knobs and a chart explaining everything on the side of the pedal, it almost seems too easy. The effects are Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Envelope Phaser, Tremolo, Stutter, Vibrato, Univibe, Auto-wah, Touch Wah and Envelope Ring.

Gear Review: Fairfield Circuitry's The Accountant Compression Pedal

Canadian-based Fairfield Circuitry released what it thinks a guitarist’s compressor should be. The Accountant, which is based on a JFET feedback compressor, gives you everything from barely noticeable to full-on squashed compression. With a fixed Threshold, it offers just a pair of three-way toggle switches to adjust the compression levels.

Gear Review: Rob O’Reilly BE Guitar

Rob O’Reilly, an electronics engineer out of Ireland, set out to build a guitar that's more fashionable and functional than anything else out there. Take a second look at the body of the Rob O’Reilly BE guitar below. It was modeled after a lens from a pair of sunglasses. The center of the guitar is completely transparent, allowing you to express yourself anyway you please.

Gear Review: Donner Tutti Love Chorus Pedal

While the Tutti Love Chorus by Donner follows the current compact-sized pedal trends, it cops the tone of a classic era of analog chorus pedals. There's no fancy bluetooth technology here; the knobs are Level, Depth and Rate. It's powered by a common BOSS-style 9-volt power supply.