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Book Review: 'Guitar Fingers' by Ashkan Mashhour

It never fails. At every guitar clinic I attend, someone asks the artist, “How many hours a day do you practice?” They ask it as though they’re considering becoming the next Stevie Ray Vaughan — as long as it doesn’t interfere with their Netflix-watching schedule. For everyone else, there’s Guitar Fingers by Ashkan Mashhour.

Gear Review: Bogdanovich Guitars Buzz-Off Fret-Leveling Kit

Guitar builder J.S. Bogdanovich has released Buzz-Off. Besides simply having a great name, the product is an easy-to-use kit that eliminates fret buzz caused by a high fret. Everything is included — tools, sandpaper, steel wool and instructions. If you can use a level and sandpaper (and have some patience), you can do it all yourself.

Gear Review: MC Systems Dynamic Drive, Hybrid Chorus and String Reviver Pedals

V-Switch can boost or cut certain aspects of the effect, depending on how hard you stomp on the pedal. Set your overdrive pedal to a moderate setting when switched on, or stomp harder for more drive. Below the pedal is a trimpot to adjust depending on how light or heavy of a stomper you are.

Review: Three New Hal Leonard Books for the Bassist in All of Us

Chris Kringel pieced together 21 separate lessons into one book that will help define your playing style as a bassist. The book starts off with simple right-hand plucking concepts and ends with complex two-handed tapping techniques.

Gear Review: CJ Guitar Tooling Compensated Telecaster Saddles

CJ Guitar Tooling offers three-saddle sets that are compensated (angled) for better intonation. Each set is hand-made the “old school” way to bridge the gap between vintage tone and modern convenience.

Gear Review: StellarVerb Reverb Pedal by Center Street Electronics

Put a Sixties Fender Twin next to a modern Crate practice amp, and you won’t see or hear many similarities — besides reverb. The effect is used to add dimension to your sound and help smooth out dynamics — to sound less like a textbook, if you will. Reverb is, hands down, the reason terrible singers think they sound great in the shower!

Gear Review: Blue Nessie USB Plug-and-Play Microphone

I have a beautiful recording setup, but I have to set it up! This means running cables, plugging in things and figuring out why I’m not getting sound. Next I’ll mull over recording my idea on a cell phone, but I always forfeit that thought knowing I’ll get lackluster results. The Nessie by Blue is a USB plug-and-play microphone. There are no drivers to download, no access codes to enter.

Gear Review: Reunion Blues RBX Electric Guitar and Bass Bags

The quilted exterior is water resistant. The feel and texture reminds me of something between a canvas backpack and a track jacket. What I like about this is if anything gets on it, you can wipe it right off with a wet cloth and not worry about damaging the bag. The backpack straps are fully adjustable. Right above the straps is a triangular handle, referred by Reunion Blues as “the subway grip.”

Gear Review: Taurus Stomp-Head 4.SL Guitar Amp

Guitar amplifiers disguised as effect pedals are nothing new, but most are fairly limiting in one way or another. Usually, the space-related convenience usually leads to an inconvenience in the tone or power department. Then there's the Taurus Stomp-Head 4.SL. Let’s start with the power. The Stomp-Head 4 can be run at 40 or 70 watts.

Gear Review: Tone Bakery Creme Brulee Boost/Overdrive Pedal

“Boutique tones for guitarists on a fast food budget” is the catch phrase for Tone Bakery’s new line of pedals. With a Klon Centaur going for nearly $3,000 these days, I can understand what Tone Bakery is going for by releasing the Creme Brulee — its take on the iconic Centaur boost/overdrive pedal — for less than $100.