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Gear Review: Vick Audio 73 Ram’s Head Pedal

The pedal takes the already familiar three-knob design of Volume, Tone and Sustain and adds a three-way mid-scoop, boost and flat toggle switch. Other features include Neutrik input/output jack, a Boss-style 9-volt power jack and true-bypass switching. The Ram’s Head is hand-wired in the U.S.

Gear Review: Outlaw Effects 24K Reverb, Quick Draw Delay and Five O’Clock Fuzz Pedals

First impression? Everything is well marked. This sounds like a given, but I’ll occasionally try a pedal named something like "The Woodpecker." Next I’ll spend 20 minutes figuring out what the "Beak" and "Sapsucker" knobs do. With Outlaw Effects, Tone is a tone knob, Sustain means sustain. Kudos, Outlaw!

Gear Review: JColoccia Guitars Big Cannoli Overdrive Pedal

Without even knowing what it does, who wouldn’t want a "Big Cannoli" pedal on their pedalboard? JColoccia Guitars didn’t just put a cool name on a box; it threw in a flexible overdrive, too. The pedal knobs are Gain, Volume, Treble and Bass. In between the EQ sits a three-way toggle marked Tight, Cut and Fat. To my ears, Tight offers a creamy, compressed sound, Cut scoops the mids and Fat thickens things up quite a bit.

Gear Review: JJB Electronics Prestige 330 Acoustic Guitar Pickups

JJB Electronics sells acoustic-guitar pickups kits from basic to complex. The Prestige 330 made a good fit for my first attempt. It is a passive three-piezo transducer set wired straight to an output jack. This means no soldering or hacking out battery or preamp cavities.

Gear Review: StringJoy Custom Guitar and Bass Strings

StringJoy is an online custom string shop that makes its own strings in the U.S. and lets you pick the gauges. Sure, it offers a common .10-.46 electric set, but its aim is to let you build a set you can’t get elsewhere, even for seven- and eight-string guitars.

Gear Review: Geppetto Guitars Tiger Shark and Blackguard Pickups

Each pickup is handmade by Mike, the owner. While he offers plenty of customizing options, I went with a Tiger Shark Strat set and the Blackguard Tele set. The turnaround was about a week from ordering. Mike was very helpful via phone and email, making sure I was getting pickups that fit my style of playing.

Gear Review: Chellee Guitars Odie Overdrive Pedal

Picture a nice Sunday drive on a one-lane country road ... and that idiot in front of you is going 5 mph under the speed limit! Odie by Chellee Guitars began as a Tube Screamer-style overdrive pedal but widened the scope on each end to give you more options, or—to get back to that country road—they hacked down some trees and made a four-lane highway.

Gear Review: Shift Line Termofuzz Fuzz Pedal

Fuzz often gets treated like the black sheep of the family. Overdrive comes to Thanksgiving dinner in a flashy sports car with his trophy wife. Distortion strolls in fashionably late with pictures from a recent SCUBA-diving escapade in Hawaii. But Fuzz ... Fuzz stood next to Jimi at Woodstock, Fuzz let people know the Rolling Stones weren’t satisfied.

Gear Review: GMF Ai1 Acoustic Pre-Amp/DI

Sending your dry guitar signal to a sound man is a bit like that team-building exercise where a blindfolded individual is instructed to fall backwards into a group of people who might (or might not) catch him or her. GMF's Ai1 offers guitarists more control over their DI tone, with a preamp and headphone amp to boot.

Gear Review: Fool Audio Research Ignatz Electric Guitar

We all have a story about "the one that got away." What can we do about it? Rob from Fool Audio Research did something about it. He built the Ignatz, which is based on a no-name set-neck Strat-style guitar he missed out on. There's clear evidence this guitar was built by an actual guitar player and not a team of "experts."