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Gear Review: Donner Alchemy Modulation Effect Guitar Pedal with True Bypass

The Alchemy is Donner’s latest offering to the working guitarist. The effect features eight modulation effects packed into one box. Yes, you’ve probably seen something like this before, but The Alchemy doubles its eight effects with Deluxe or Normal mode and boasts stereo inputs and outputs. At $43, it costs less than a major U.S. city parking ticket.

Gear Review: Sonic Pipe Elbow 3-Watt Practice Amp

Like some other rock-star accessories, the Sonic Pipe practice amp looks like something you probably wouldn't be able to take on a plane. It turns out it's a unique U.S.-made practice amp for under $50. I had to learn more. The E-3.1 is part of Sonic Pipe's Elbow series of practice amps. If you're thinking the design looks strangely familiar, it might be because it is built from a PVC pipe fitting.

Gear Review: Power Pins Bridge Pins for Acoustic Guitars

Power Pins are new style of bridge pins that boast stability and enhanced tonal characteristics compared to plastic bridge pins. Power Pins actually mount onto the guitar’s bridge by tightening a nut with a supplied allen key. No modifications are needed, and the end result is greater string contact with your acoustic guitar’s bridge.

Book Review: 'Guitar Fingers' by Ashkan Mashhour

It never fails. At every guitar clinic I attend, someone asks the artist, “How many hours a day do you practice?” They ask it as though they’re considering becoming the next Stevie Ray Vaughan — as long as it doesn’t interfere with their Netflix-watching schedule. For everyone else, there’s Guitar Fingers by Ashkan Mashhour.

Gear Review: Bogdanovich Guitars Buzz-Off Fret-Leveling Kit

Guitar builder J.S. Bogdanovich has released Buzz-Off. Besides simply having a great name, the product is an easy-to-use kit that eliminates fret buzz caused by a high fret. Everything is included — tools, sandpaper, steel wool and instructions. If you can use a level and sandpaper (and have some patience), you can do it all yourself.

Gear Review: MC Systems Dynamic Drive, Hybrid Chorus and String Reviver Pedals

V-Switch can boost or cut certain aspects of the effect, depending on how hard you stomp on the pedal. Set your overdrive pedal to a moderate setting when switched on, or stomp harder for more drive. Below the pedal is a trimpot to adjust depending on how light or heavy of a stomper you are.

Review: Three New Hal Leonard Books for the Bassist in All of Us

Chris Kringel pieced together 21 separate lessons into one book that will help define your playing style as a bassist. The book starts off with simple right-hand plucking concepts and ends with complex two-handed tapping techniques.

Gear Review: CJ Guitar Tooling Compensated Telecaster Saddles

CJ Guitar Tooling offers three-saddle sets that are compensated (angled) for better intonation. Each set is hand-made the “old school” way to bridge the gap between vintage tone and modern convenience.

Gear Review: StellarVerb Reverb Pedal by Center Street Electronics

Put a Sixties Fender Twin next to a modern Crate practice amp, and you won’t see or hear many similarities — besides reverb. The effect is used to add dimension to your sound and help smooth out dynamics — to sound less like a textbook, if you will. Reverb is, hands down, the reason terrible singers think they sound great in the shower!

Gear Review: Blue Nessie USB Plug-and-Play Microphone

I have a beautiful recording setup, but I have to set it up! This means running cables, plugging in things and figuring out why I’m not getting sound. Next I’ll mull over recording my idea on a cell phone, but I always forfeit that thought knowing I’ll get lackluster results. The Nessie by Blue is a USB plug-and-play microphone. There are no drivers to download, no access codes to enter.