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Gear Review: JJB Electronics Prestige 330 Acoustic Guitar Pickups

JJB Electronics sells acoustic-guitar pickups kits from basic to complex. The Prestige 330 made a good fit for my first attempt. It is a passive three-piezo transducer set wired straight to an output jack. This means no soldering or hacking out battery or preamp cavities.

Gear Review: StringJoy Custom Guitar and Bass Strings

StringJoy is an online custom string shop that makes its own strings in the U.S. and lets you pick the gauges. Sure, it offers a common .10-.46 electric set, but its aim is to let you build a set you can’t get elsewhere, even for seven- and eight-string guitars.

Gear Review: Geppetto Guitars Tiger Shark and Blackguard Pickups

Each pickup is handmade by Mike, the owner. While he offers plenty of customizing options, I went with a Tiger Shark Strat set and the Blackguard Tele set. The turnaround was about a week from ordering. Mike was very helpful via phone and email, making sure I was getting pickups that fit my style of playing.

Gear Review: Chellee Guitars Odie Overdrive Pedal

Picture a nice Sunday drive on a one-lane country road ... and that idiot in front of you is going 5 mph under the speed limit! Odie by Chellee Guitars began as a Tube Screamer-style overdrive pedal but widened the scope on each end to give you more options, or—to get back to that country road—they hacked down some trees and made a four-lane highway.

Gear Review: Shift Line Termofuzz Fuzz Pedal

Fuzz often gets treated like the black sheep of the family. Overdrive comes to Thanksgiving dinner in a flashy sports car with his trophy wife. Distortion strolls in fashionably late with pictures from a recent SCUBA-diving escapade in Hawaii. But Fuzz ... Fuzz stood next to Jimi at Woodstock, Fuzz let people know the Rolling Stones weren’t satisfied.

Gear Review: GMF Ai1 Acoustic Pre-Amp/DI

Sending your dry guitar signal to a sound man is a bit like that team-building exercise where a blindfolded individual is instructed to fall backwards into a group of people who might (or might not) catch him or her. GMF's Ai1 offers guitarists more control over their DI tone, with a preamp and headphone amp to boot.

Gear Review: Fool Audio Research Ignatz Electric Guitar

We all have a story about "the one that got away." What can we do about it? Rob from Fool Audio Research did something about it. He built the Ignatz, which is based on a no-name set-neck Strat-style guitar he missed out on. There's clear evidence this guitar was built by an actual guitar player and not a team of "experts."

Gear Review: D&A Starfish Passive and Starfish+ Guitar Stands

There are two types of guitar stands; those built for normal circumstances and those built to survive sheer chaos! D&A has added two stands to its Starfish line that are perfect for whatever your gig calls for. Both stands feature a burly five-legged design, a lockable height adjustment and the ability to set up or tear down in seconds.

Gear Review: EurekaSound Sound Hole Pickup Mount for Acoustic Guitars

The company makes something called the Sound Hole Pickup Mount. And while its name seems pretty self-explanatory, I’ll go a bit deeper. The mount clips onto the sound hole of your acoustic guitar without any modifications and without leaving behind marks of any kind.

Gear Review: Donner Alchemy Modulation Effect Guitar Pedal with True Bypass

The Alchemy is Donner’s latest offering to the working guitarist. The effect features eight modulation effects packed into one box. Yes, you’ve probably seen something like this before, but The Alchemy doubles its eight effects with Deluxe or Normal mode and boasts stereo inputs and outputs. At $43, it costs less than a major U.S. city parking ticket.