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Picking and Strumming Tuneup with Lily Maase Pt. II — Lesson

I’m back with Lily Maase for part two of our Picking and Strumming Tuneup. And this time, we’re going to step things up a notch! This is a followup to our previous lesson, where we learned some simple right hand and left hand techniques in the country style. Today we advance on that lesson, as Maase demonstrates the possibilities with this technique.

Jellyfish Live Radio Acoustic Performances Released

Back in the early '90s I was a HUGE Jellyfish fan, digging their only two albums, Spilt Milk and Bellybutton with a passion. So when the news that several unreleased songs recorded acoustically from radio appearances were finally going to see the light of day, I had to jump on it. Here's the scoop!