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SongTown USA: The Power of Simplicity

There is power in simplicity. When you write something in simple, conversational language that nails people right in the heart, the listeners have this "aha" moment where they slap their head and say "That's exactly how I felt when..."

SongTown USA: Overnight Success

I read an interview with the lead singer for a band that just had their first big hit single. The person doing the interview (out of ignorance) said, “What’s it like to be an overnight success?” The lead singer’s response was priceless. He said, “That was one hell of a night.”

SongTown USA: Failure to Failure

Many of you have heard me tell that I have demoed over 6,000 songs and have around 80 cuts. That's not a great cut to demo ratio. I don't even want to know what percentage that would be.vBut, I have discovered that one of the keys to being successful is failing a lot while keeping your enthusiasm up.

SongTown USA: Writing from the Child's Heart

When I first began writing, I wrote from an innocent and raw place. I was 11 years old when i wrote my first song. As I recall, it was about Lee. She lived up the street from me and we had been classmates at school since first grade. So I wrote my first song about my first crush. I had something to say. It came from a place of passion. I wanted so badly to be able to say to Lee what I was writing down on paper.

SongTown USA: It's About Heart

I learned early in life from watching my mother that the key to life is not how much money you have, how much talent you have or what kind of situation you find yourself in. The key is having the HEART to drag yourself out of the mud and make something of whatever you have. I'm not talking about making lemonade when life hands you lemons. I'm talking about making lemonade when you don't have ANY of the ingredients.

SongTown USA: Why I Write

People often ask me why I write songs. The quick easy answer is "Because I need to." Writing songs has been my way of processing life since I was 11 years old. I think men often have trouble talking about our feelings. We tend to keep them to ourselves a lot of the time.

SongTown USA: Love In A Coffee Shop

"Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right," "Let Me Down Easy," "While You Loved Me,' "Fire It Up" and "Bounce" were all about some aspect of love. And all were #1 songs. The trick with love songs is to talk about love in a different way.

SongTown USA: What is Your Music Worth?

There is a growing perception that music (and writers) have no intrinsic value. I have people all the time encouraging me to give a song away or to come play a show for free. I have actually had people get offended when I told them I wouldn’t come play somewhere for nothing. They tell me that I will be getting great “exposure” for my music. Meanwhile, they are packing the house and making lots of money on drinks, food and cover charges.

SongTown USA: Don't Wait For Inspiration

Often, people ask me when, how and where I find inspiration. I generally tell them that I sit down on a couch every day with a blank word document on the screen in front of me and a guitar in my lap. If inspiration doesn't show up at 10:30 when my co-write starts, then I start going through my idea file or playing my guitar.

SongTown USA: A Day Of Practice Songwriting

One day, my friend Danny Wells and I wrote a song. We were really excited about it, so Danny wanted to play it for his publisher. We went in the man's office and Danny played it live. I could tell as he was playing that the guy didn't seem like he liked it. We asked him what he didn't like - was it the groove, the feel, the title, the lyric? "All of it," was his response. He hated all of it. Every piece of it. His final comment was the nail in the coffin. "Boys, I would just consider that a day of practice songwriting and move on."