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SongTown USA: No Rich Relatives

I used to sit around and daydream about having a rich relative that would pass away someday (sadly) and leave me a fortune. When I began to look around at my relatives, I realized quickly that I had better start buying lottery tickets if I wanted a windfall like that. I figured out that any money I was going to fall into was likely going to be the result of really hard work on my part. Sobering, but true. Here are the lessons I learned in regard to a big windfall as a songwriter...

SongTown USA: My First Love

My first date with a guitar was on my 11th birthday. I opened a beautiful, electric, brand you never heard of guitar. There was an instant attraction. I played until my fingers bled. Sometimes I would take my cheap little amp out on our front porch and blast the neighborhood with my “music. One day, I asked my mother to take me to a music store. That’s where I fell in love. I picked up an Ovation 12 string guitar and strummed it...

SongTown USA: This Old Guitar

Each guitar I own speaks to me in different ways. I owe part of my success as a writer to the instruments that led me down different roads. They truly did teach me how to sing a love song. They taught me how to laugh and how to cry. I know of no better friend to have on a cold and lonely night than a great guitar. Never underestimate the power of a great instrument to take you places you never would have gone on your own.

SongTown USA: It's Worth It

I want to tell you the truth. All the time. Sometimes I worry that my posts are too blunt and real. But, my premise is this: If I tell you the truth, then you can evaluate for yourself whether you want it bad enough to do what it takes to succeed. So, here's the truth for the day. It's HARD. It's REALLY hard. There are lots of ups and downs. And LOTS of heartache when you get SO close, but it doesn't happen. Still it's worth it.

Songtown USA: The Nail in the Wall

When I first started chasing writing as a full time career, I had difficulty staying motivated. There were so many times when something big ALMOST happened for me and then fell through. I would be devastated for days and it would be hard to go write again when all I was getting in return was disappointment. I tried a number of things that didn't work before I found the answer in a simple place.