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What’s a MOOC? Free Learning For The Broke Musician. That’s What!

MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. I’m an artist that is constantly is in learning mode. But I never wanted to study online, because I have too many distractions in my ADD life. My interest was peaked when a homebound artist friend of mine decided to embark on a college degree from home. Online learning and degrees all of sudden seemed legit to me. So when I heard about, I immediately looked into it. What did I find? Classes on songwriting, production, engineering, rock history, and some instrument learning. These classes are FREE!

Rock the Mic: Open Mic Etiquette

Have you written a song or two or three, but only play them to your mirror? Would you like to perform publicly and get inspired? It’s time to try an open mic! Chances are there are quite a few open mics in your area. Every one I’ve been to is generally supportive. When I went to my first open mic, I didn’t know how to plug in or even properly adjust a mic. Here are some tips to start you off!

How to Navigate Your First Time Performing at a Festival

Last year I accomplished my dream of playing festivals. I’ve already done four in the last year. Somehow I instinctively knew how to manage my first one. Whatever I suggest here is what worked for me as a current solo artist. Some things will work for everyone, some won't. But here are 11 ideas you can try out.

Turning a Cover Song Into Your Own

I love a great cover performance. Especially one that has a different take than the original, but remains recognizable. Sometimes I am more interested in listening to great cover than to the original! The artist took something that’s already familiar and added his or her own personality to it. Not only that, but the new performer is paying respect to another artist.