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Guitar Tricks: 10 Beginner Guitar Songs That Are Easy and Fun to Play

The idea of beginner guitar songs can often seem extremely limited. Unfortunately there are a lot of places where you’ll see lists of easy songs that don’t give you much variety. In fact, a beginner guitar song is often dreadfully boring to play, which doesn’t do much for inspiration or for pushing an aspiring guitarist to continue learning.

Guitar Chalk Sessions: Jamming Arpeggios with the C Major Triad

In this lesson, we’re going to focus on two things. First, we’re going to learn the C major triad on our guitar (there are several different forms and variations of it) and both succeeding inversions. You might already know how to play all this. If you do, feel free to skip ahead to the tab sheets or keep reading for a little review.

Guitar Chalk Sessions: Three Nuanced Quality Indicators of a Good Tremolo Pedal

In its most raw form, it’s little more than the raising and lowering of your signal’s volume. And not only is tremolo one of the oldest and most recognized effects in the electric guitar’s history, it’s also been traditionally implemented via analog circuitry within amplifiers. Today there are still a lot of amps on the market that come packaged with a tremolo effect.

Guitar Chalk Sessions: Methods for Targeting Problem Areas in Your Guitar Solos

I’ve noticed something about my soloing in the last couple of weeks. First, I’m not what you would consider a “lead guitarist.” I can hang, sure. But it’s not my area and I’ve never really been comfortable playing at higher speeds. That’s alright, because I make my musical living on the rhythm and layering side of the business. But I also noticed that I had some consistent problem areas as I moved across the fretboard.

Guitar Chalk Sessions: Building Control from Basic Pentatonic Patterns

Take any number of great players and ask them what the process was like, and chances are slim that you'll get any two who will tell you the same story. However, I would say there's a process or structure to learning the instrument. Just like with piano, there are foundational aspects of the instrument that we need to understand, which we then build on and develop as time goes on.

Guitar Chalk Sessions: Guitar Intervals Explained

Intervals are simple, useful and helpful bits of knowledge. They’re a priceless musical commodity, being one of the most fundamental and applicable building blocks of scales and lead sequences. Yet, despite the simplicity, the related theory can get fairly involved.

Guitar Chalk Sessions: Power Chords, Perfect Fifths and the Consonant Interval

For those who might not be familiar with intervals, we’ll start by reviewing the core concept. The term sounds kind of advanced, but an “interval” simply refers to the distance between two notes, while a harmonic interval is when you play two notes at the same time.

Guitar Chalk Sessions: A Clean Guide to Understanding Seventh Chords

We can always memorize new chords. That’s not hard. But what if we learned the structure and the music theory behind those chords first? What if we put the time into gaining a complete, academic understanding of what we’re playing? People shy away from music theory because it’s hard. And I’m not going to tell you otherwise.

Guitar Chalk Sessions: Four Actionable Practice Methods to Help You Improve Every Day

For most, the tendency when picking up the guitar is to “fiddle” or jam whatever song is in our heads. We seldom tackle the instrument with intentionality and aggression, unless we have a lot of time to play.

Guitar Chalk Sessions: Adding Dynamic Appeal to Your Power Chords with Intervals and Dyads

Power chords, once your fingers are comfortable with the stretching, are mind-numbingly simple. That's not a bad thing and I wouldn't say that power chords are "cheap" or "too easy." That's dumb.