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Sunday Strum, Episode 21: 4 Measure Mix Up — Lesson

In today’s episode, I go through a basic phrase I’m calling “4 Measure Mix Up.” I’ve constructed this pattern to make something simple seem a little more complex without it actually being too difficult. By giving the Em and Cmaj7 chords in the second measure one beat each, it throws off the balance a little, but makes for a cool deviation.

Sunday Strum, Episode 20: Rhythmic Displacement 2 — Lesson

Here's a rhythm guitar lesson to mix things up a bit. This week I expand upon rhythmic displacement. In this lesson and video I use a pattern that lasts 3 beats and then is repeated on different parts of the measure.

Sunday Strum, Episode 19: Simple Power Pattern –– Lesson

In keeping with the same “less is more” philosophy, today’s example is about creating a pattern that is powerful, yet simplistic. I’m playing simple straight eighth notes, and accenting beats 2 and 4. Even though this isn’t the most complex of ideas, I’m still able to create a pretty impactful idea.

Sunday Strum, Episode 18: Spaced Out Strumming –– Lesson

In this week’s example, I demonstrate a pattern aimed at creating space. Sometimes less is more, and by creating a gap between chord changes, a more dramatic effect can be achieved. Feel free to experiment with this simple idea to really change up what may otherwise be too straight ahead.

Sunday Strum, Episode 17: 16th Note/Stutter Phrase — Lesson

This week, I go over an all-downstroke 16th note strumming pattern. By adding a measure of 2/4 at the end, I create a little hiccup or stutter. That, in conjunction with adding a fair amount of rests, gives the pattern a punctuated feel. This is a simple way to break up your strumming and explore a simple time signature change without getting overly complicated.

Sunday Strum, Episode 16: Swinging Eighth Notes –– Lesson

In today’s episode, I go over how to swing eighth notes. Swung (as opposed to straight) eighth note pairs contain one long and one short eighth note. This literally translates to the first and third hits of an eighth note triplet figure. The strumming pattern I play in the examples can be applied to different types of music and can create different distinct feels depending on how you approach it.

Sunday Strum, Episode 15: Triplets –– Lesson

In this week’s episode of Sunday Strum, I demonstrate an example using eighth note triplets. This is a basic way of practicing them, but if you are more comfortable with the rhythm, feel free to switch it up and apply triplets any way you like. The eighth note triplet rhythm translates to three eighth notes in the space of two eighth notes.

Lesson: Sunday Strum, Episode 14 – Downs Beats and Up Beats

In this episode I go over a basic strumming pattern stressing the downs in the first measure and the ups in the second measure of each chord. This can help to create a powerful feel without being abrupt. The key is to be fluid in the right hand. Experiment with this concept using various chord progressions.

Lesson: Sunday Strum, Episode 13 - Intro to Mixed Meters

In today’s episode, I demonstrate a chord progression using mixed meters. I achieve this by simply switching time signatures each measure or two, depending on how you want to count it. I give the first three chords 3 beats each and the last chord 2 beats. This can be also thought of as 6/8 then 5/8.

Lesson: Sunday Strum, Episode 12 – Building A Basic Pattern

In this lesson, I use some of the ideas discussed in previous videos to create a basic strumming pattern.