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Lesson: Sunday Strum, Episode 14 – Downs Beats and Up Beats

In this episode I go over a basic strumming pattern stressing the downs in the first measure and the ups in the second measure of each chord. This can help to create a powerful feel without being abrupt. The key is to be fluid in the right hand. Experiment with this concept using various chord progressions.

Lesson: Sunday Strum, Episode 13 - Intro to Mixed Meters

In today’s episode, I demonstrate a chord progression using mixed meters. I achieve this by simply switching time signatures each measure or two, depending on how you want to count it. I give the first three chords 3 beats each and the last chord 2 beats. This can be also thought of as 6/8 then 5/8.

Lesson: Sunday Strum, Episode 12 – Building A Basic Pattern

In this lesson, I use some of the ideas discussed in previous videos to create a basic strumming pattern.

Lesson: Sunday Strum, Episode 11 – Staccato Downstrokes

In this episode of Sunday Strum, I take you through an all-quarter note strum pattern using downstrokes. I’m making each hit staccato – which means short. In addition, I’m palm muting to create a certain detached, rhythmic feel.

Lesson: Sunday Strum, Episode 10 – Rhythmic Displacement

Here in episode 10 of Sunday Strum, I introduce rhythmic displacement. Rhythmic displacement is taking a rhythm or pattern and starting it on a different part of the measure. In the example, I begin the original rhythm on beat 1. Then, by placing the first hit after the first 1/8 note (the AND of 1), I am able to create a completely different feel.

Lesson: Sunday Strum, Episode 9 - Basic Dynamics

In this episode, I focus on basic dynamics (or volume) of strumming. This is something most musicians can pick up naturally. However, by honing in on this one skill, you can dramatically improve your playing. Dynamics are so important, and should be practiced just like any other technique.

Lesson: Sunday Strum – Episode 8: Right Hand Flow

In today’s episode of Sunday Strum, I show you a basic skill for making your right hand a little more fluid. Keeping your hand in constant motion throughout a strumming pattern will facilitate better rhythm and thus a better performance. Try it now!

Sunday Strum: Episode 7 Harmonic Progression in Threes

In episode 7 of Sunday Strum, we’re going to cover something a little different. Instead of focusing on rhythm and right hand technique, I thought I’d demonstrate a simple example regarding chord progressions.

Sunday Strum: Episode 6 Introduction to Strumming in 5/4 Time

In this episode of Sunday Strum, we are going to focus on the complex meter 5/4. It’s a meter that can’t be broken down by 2 or 3. Time signatures such as this can be tricky if you aren’t used to playing them. Today, I am going to introduce a simple way to count and play 5/4.

Sunday Strum: Episode 5 Power Chords with Accents

This week on Sunday Strum, I demonstrate two different ways to accent a basic eighth note pattern with power chords. This is a continuation of sorts from episode 4. This time, I’m using the same rhythm, but adding emphasis on certain beats.