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No Brainer: Meet the TV Guitar Workout

For this post, I’ve put together a beginner’s TV guitar workout. It’s a great way for beginning guitarists to start working on hand strength while vegging in front of the tube. Let’s check out the exercises first, and then I’ll go over how you can incorporate them into your TV viewing.

Breathing Room: Make Notes and Phrases Stand Out by Adding Silence to Your Solos

When I was studying music, one thing I remember my professors kept driving home was that you don't just stop when you see a "rest" in music notation. You play silence. Silence acts as a frame around the sounds you're producing and helps make those sounds feel more profound. Think about what a picture frame does for a photograph.

Musical Fluency: Try Learning Guitar the Same Way Young Children Pick Up Languages

It’s amazing how quickly young kids can pick up languages. Adults can pick up languages at the same rate, but only if they’re in the same circumstances. Since music is a sort of language, wouldn’t it be interesting to see if the circumstances that let kids pick up languages quickly also let adults pick up music more quickly? Here are ideas from language acquisition that can be applied to learning or teaching guitar.