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James Munro of 4ARM: Four Differences Between Big and Small Shows

Greetings, and welcome to another segment of 4RM's tour diary. This installment is about four differences between big and small shows. Many readers will probably guess what these differences are, but perhaps you can get a chuckle as we stumble our way through them. For those who haven't experienced these situations, enjoy!

4ARM Guitarist James Munro's Chilly Check-in from the Band’s Tour with Slayer and Gojira

I am able to type now as my hands have thawed out from our visit to Canada, which was an experience in all things that can freeze. We're in Texas after a pilgrimage from Minnesota to play Fun Fun Fun Fest. A meager 24 hours on the road in the now-fragrant 4ARM tour bus. With six guys in the bus, I'm using the term "fragrant" quite loosely.

4ARM Guitarist James Munro Checks in from Their Tour with Slayer and Gojira

Greetings from the back of the tour bus somewhere on the road in North America — and welcome to 4ARM's tour diary. We're just played show No. 5 of the tour (Seattle) with the ever-iconic Slayer and the incredible Gojira. This is my first tour outside of Australia. Also, having just joined 4ARM and played my first show with them in Las Vegas, it has been a great way to start off!