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The Eddie Van Halen Tremolo Mechanic

The footage from Van Halen’s 2015 Jimmy Kimmel Live performance affords an almost perfect glimpse of Eddie Van Halen’s legendarily unique approach to tremolo picking.The incredible speed and consistency of his take on this technique has been a source of fascination for 35 years. In Van Halen’s approach, the picking hand hangs suspended in mid-air, with no anchoring or muting at all, and uses a... …

How Do You Create a Viral Guitar Hit? Mika Tyyskä and 'The Guitar Shred Show'

What do you do when there's no single job that encompasses everything you want to do? You create one!In the new video below, Mika Tyyskä plays his awesome tune "Effortless" and discusses the genesis of his seminal Guitar Shred Show animation, starring Mr. Fastfinger, which was a viral internet guitar hit before YouTube even existed.In the process, he combined his passions to create a multimedia... …

Bedrock of Shred: Al Di Meola's Amazing Sixes

In the late Seventies and early Eighties, if there was one name from the jazz guitar world that rock and metal listeners were likely to know, it was Al Di Meola.Jazz players since Django Reinhardt and Tal Farlow had possessed devastating right-hand chops. But their virtuosity was delivered in a musical context of sharped fives and flatted nines that was challenging for rock and roll audiences... …

How to Livestream a Shred Legend: Michael Angelo Batio 2017 Live Interview

Three 4K cameras, a video-enabled smartphone, three microphones, one guitar, one blaring amplifier, and one blazing shred legend streaming a television-quality video and audio broadcast to a 70,000-person internet audience through a single turbocharged iMac? Sure, no problem. Would you like fries with that?A few weeks ago, the Cracking the Code team sat down for a thrilling and by turns... …