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Ear Training, Part 2: Rhythm — and Bringing Soul to a Drum Machine

It's common to hear the idea that guitarists need pitch and drummers need rhythm. These are both half true, as guitarists and drummers need both pitch and rhythm. Could you imagine what a duo band like the Black Keys would sound like if Dan Auerbach had bad rhythm? Not so great. Playing great riffs out of time is sort of like driving a Ferrari into a wall.

Ear Training and Becoming a Sound Magician, Part 1: Pitch

Practicing ear training can be very tedious and nowhere near as fun as cranking an amp to 11 — or stage diving. While I'm not going to tell you that if you don't develop your ears you'll never be a good guit-artist, I must say there's nothing cooler than hearing a song and being able to play along with it or even learn it by the time it's done.

How to Learn and Retain Music Faster and Have a Deeper Understanding of What You Know

Sometimes you find yourself going over something again and again as if your brain won’t allow you to take in anymore information for the day — and then you get frustrated. Around this time, you start screaming to your ceiling/roommate, “Why can’t I just be a prodigy?” I can’t make you one, but I can give you tips on how to learn/retain a little faster and understand what you’re playing.