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LessonFace with Duane Denison: Sonic Exploration and Guitar Preparation

The concept of “preparing” instruments comes from the composer John Cage, back in the 1950s. He began by writing a series of pieces for piano. He would take a grand piano and put objects — found objects, hardware, various apparatus, in between, on, over and under the strings, producing all sorts of interesting sonic and percussive effects and changing the sound of the instrument without relying on electronics or other things like that.

LessonFace with Duane Denison: Build Technique and Confidence with Diatonic Exercises

In today’s lesson, we focus on a couple of exercises to help you develop and maintain technique. Once you are familiar with them, exercises like these also can serve as good warmup drills before recording or performing. And it’s worth noting that mastering exercises like these can go a long way to enhancing your general musicality and confidence.