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Video: Dan Clews Performs "Day and Night" on a 1958 Martin 00-18

This song is a journey which takes you through the beautiful English landscape to a final resolution and revelation. A favourite from my repertoire, this is a song that I never get bored of performing.

Video: Dan Clews Performs "Same Old Roots" on a 1943 Martin D-18

"Same Old Roots" is a lush song influenced by the late '60s early '70s British folk era. As a band piece it can often sound huge, so I was after a guitar that sounded like an orchestra to deliver this interpretation. This 1943 Martin D-18 guitar is one of the stars in the collection, mahogany back and sides, spruce top with an ebony board and bridge.

Video: Dan Clews Plays "Take One Away" on a 1950 Gibson J200

An Americana track with a tinge of British landscape, "Take Me Away" tackles the longing to be on the road and the wish to return home. It’s a simple strummed track with a few melodies embedded in the chords. It requires a big sounding guitar so my eye went straight to this 1950 Gibson Super Jumbo 200 Natural.

Video: "That's Enough For Me" Performed on a 1943 Gibson Banner L-50

Here I'd like to share a new song on a very classic guitar. "That’s Enough For Me" comes with a driving Travis picking guitar part which is central to the song. The song is in swing time with a few cheeky little bends and pattern shifts that make it a bit of a right hand tangle.