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SongTown: Five Tips to Get Out of a Writing Rut and Spark New Ideas

We all get ‘em. Those moments when inspiration doesn’t seem to come around. What do you do? Pound your head agains the wall? Maybe. How about a better strategy? Here hit songwriter Clay Mills shares his tips for bumping yourself out of that rut. Check ‘em out!

SongTown: How To Record Effective Home Demos

People often ask me if they have to do full-production demos to present songs to publishers or major artist? I do a fair amount of full demos, but I also have had about half of my cuts from pitching home demos done on a very basic set-up on my mac laptop.

SongTown: Does Your Song Need a Bridge?

So you’ve reached that point in the song; you’ve written two verses and a chorus, and that little voice in your head says “I need to write a bridge.” But do you really??? When do you know if a song truly needs a bridge?

SongTown: Demo Decisions - Full Band or Simple Guitar And Vocal?

So you've finished your latest greatest song and it's time to do a demo. Should you do a full band demo or a simple guitar/vocal? The next decision you make can be the difference in an artist recording your song or not! I'd like to step you through the thought process my co-writers and I used on the way to landing our song "Gotta Love It" on the latest Joe Nichols record.