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How to Acheive That Choppy, Computerized-Sounding “Glitch” Effect

The “glitch” effect. Yes, the “choppy” computerized-sounding guitar effect I've fallen in love with. Sure it’s unconventional, maybe even overkill, but who cares? It sounds different. The effect is tremolo, and in its most basic form can be achieved by using a simple pedal or plugin. Basic tremolo pedals will provide you with depth, wave and rate adjustments. Those are pretty much all you need.

Super-Low Seven-String Tuning: C, F, C, F, A#, D, G — Why? Why the Hell Not?

Earlier this year, following suit with my tuning adjustment per each new album, I went ahead and tuned down another whole step to drop F on a six-string. As I was writing, I found myself riffing in a higher register for most of my main rhythms. For the heavier sections, I ended up having to bust out the pitch shifter to get to the lower octave certain songs called for.