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Darkest Hour Guitarist Mike Schliebaum's 2014 Summer Tour Survival Guide — Mayhem

As part of our 2014 Summer Tour Survival Guide, we talk to Mike Schliebaum of Darkest Hour about the sweatiest show he's ever played, and about the gear he'll be using on tour this summer.

Guitar World's 2014 Summer Tour Survival Guide — with Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium, Morbid Angel and More

In this new feature from the August 2014 issue of Guitar World, the guitarists of Avenged Sevenfold, Morbid Angel, Trivium and other metal acts tell how they'll beat the heat and tame the crowds on the season's biggest tours.

A Clean and Sober Ace Frehley Discusses Kiss' Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Debacle and More

This year started off innocently enough for Ace Frehley. Just one week prior to Christmas 2013, the former Kiss lead guitarist learned that he and his comrades in the original Kiss lineup—Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and Peter Criss—were finally being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after 15 years of eligibility (and 15 years of outcry from the Kiss Army).

In Tribute: The Complete, Untold Story of Slayer's Jeff Hanneman

When news broke in the early evening of May 2, 2013, that longtime Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman had succumbed to liver failure at age 49, a shockwave of atomic force rippled its way across the metal community that left many stunned.

Prime Cuts: Tony Iommi Recalls the Best and Worst of Black Sabbath, the Heaviest Band South of Heaven

The 1970 album Black Sabbath introduced the world to four English gents who would go down as the greatest, most influential heavy metal band in history. Twenty-two years later, the band’s hand of doom, Tony Iommi, continues to compose the most withering riffs this side of Hades.

Prime Cuts: Dimebag Darrell Chooses His 12 Favorite Tunes in 1993 Guitar World Feature

Pantera's six-shooting Texas tornado pumps up his 12 favorite tunes-hair-raising, fist-pumping metal classics that every self-respecting guitarist should know.

A Tribute to Jeff Hanneman: The Slayer Guitarist’s Wife Recalls the Spider-Bite Incident and How It Lead to Her Husband’s Downfall

He influenced a generation and changed the course of metal forever. Guitar World presents the complete, untold story of Jeff Hanneman, Slayer’s guitarist for more than 30 years and the man behind such legendary thrash anthems as “Angel of Death,” “South of Heaven” and “War Ensemble.”

AC/DC Photo Gallery: Inside the New 'Let There Be Rock' Box Set

Complete photo gallery of all contents inside AC/DC's new Let There Be Rock Limited Collector's Edition steel box set.

Video: Joe Robinson's Acoustic Warmup

Acoustic phenom gears up for a lesson in the Guitar World studio.