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The Guitarist's Guide to Shape Shifting, Part 1

The technique is simple: Take a fingering pattern “shape” and shift it across the neck over three octaves.Use of this technique can, however, impart a broader and more sophisticated scope to a lick while also acting as a no-brainer means of navigating greater expanses of fretboard terrain.EXAMPLE 1 depicts three “target” notes (all A’s) in three octaves.Play each note with your index finger to... …

Paul Gilbert-Style, Sequenced String-Skipping Arpeggios

One of the especially cool things about a guitar is the fact that there are almost always at least a few ways to play the same notes.This fact allows (and forces) us guitarists to explore the different possibilities available through experimentation with alternate fingerings, picking strategies and phrasing. Often, while there are many ways to play the exact same notes, there is usually a ... …

A Guide to "Symmetrical" Shredding

I remember someone telling me that George Lynch once said he heard B.B. King say something that instantly improved his guitar style.It went something like this: “If you play a wrong note, play it again like you mean it and it’ll sound like the best note you played all night."The dubious origins of this gem aside, I've always found this to be an almost religious concept to strive toward, where... …

How to Play the "Other" Hendrix Chord

Of the myriad contributions Jimi Hendrix has made to the lexicon of modern guitar, one of the most enduring is the legendary “Hendrix chord."The chord, an E7#9, was definitely nothing new when Hendrix famously used it in “Purple Haze” (Jazz and R&B guitarists used it extensively, and the Beatles featured it years earlier on “Taxman”), but its use by Hendrix inspired its use by generations of... …